Super Tycoon Strategies

This is an attempt to create general and advanced guidelines for the Super Tycoon strategies in Legacy of Discord.
Many players might not have had the time to explore the game and find out what the best strategies are for this event, and this guide will help everyone participating immensely.

Keep in mind that this guide can be outdated due to the fact that Tycoon events in Legacy of Discord have changed since the below strategies were released.
This automatically means that it might have more changes in the future, and consequently, some of the things below might no longer stand, or even more things have to be added overtime, as those changes occur.

I would like to remind you that the tips below are a general approach to the Super Tycoon and you are not required to follow any of these, as you are fully entitled to your own strategies and opinions based on your own spending or tactics.


At the time of writing this guide (25/05/18), the resources that would be wise for each player to save in order to heavily participate in a Super Tycoon are as follows:

It would be wise to keep saving those resources without spending any amount whatsoever, until the moment you want to heavily participate in a tycoon. I understand you want to spend some at times so you get stronger and possibly get a top 100 daily ranking at some point, but if you keep saving those resources for perhaps 4 months and you have also saved some diamonds, you can get 1st place in a Super Tycoon, which will give great rewards.

Other resources that can be saved are Gold, Bronze Tokens and Stamina. Gold can give points by continuously buying Wrath chests so you get Raging Souls and Honor, however, I would not recommend spending such a valuable resource for this purpose, as the points received per million Gold are only 150, which is not that efficient. If you do not have a problem with Gold and you would like to receive some extra points, by all means do it. Bronze Tokens can offer situational points, only when the Cross-server War event is active during a S. Tycoon. You can never utilize more than 27000 Bronze Tokens, as that would reach the limit on all items in the Cross-server War shop that add points for a S. Tycoon. Since the absence of many of the stamina events, it would be good to spend some of your saved stamina in the Tycoon that you will decide to participate. This will not only give you Arcanite, Diamonds, Gold or Obsidian (depending which stage you are blitzing), but will also utilize the new Gem Trove feature, with which during a Tycoon, blitzed adventure stages drop Gem Chests occasionally.

To see how important those resources are, let’s see how many points they add in total (resources are shown in the picture above):


This means that if I save and use these resources in a tycoon, I will have 1,247,363 free points for that tycoon. The resources shown above can be saved in around 3 months time of full participation, apart from the Eternium resource, which was saved for a bit longer.

List of points added per resource (some of them are approximations based on testing):

Merit – 180 give 500 points (by buying Glyphs, the rest are not so efficient in terms of points)
Honor – 25 give 10 points (by buying Raging Souls)
Obsidian – 200 give 50 points (by buying Basic Ench. Stones)
Azure Fruit – 7 give 15 points (by buying Nails)
Battle Token – 500 give 500 points (by buying Glyphs)
Treasure maps – 100 maps give 900 points (this depends on the VIP level of the character as well)
Guild Gold – 10000 give 5000 points (by buying Augment/Light/Star stones and perhaps Gems lv1 from the Guild Shop)
Altar attempts – 100 give 17500 points (highly dependent on luck)
Poker attempts – 10 give 2500 points (depends on luck and mulligan skill – Full House combination only)
Eternium – 150 give 50 points (by buying Anvils)
Arcanite – 100000 give 6000 points (by buying Alchemy Charms and not more than 3 extra resets with diamonds)

Gold – 1000000 give 150 points (by getting Raging Souls and Honor from Wrath chests with gold)


Tips and Strategies

I have compiled a list of steps that you can follow below, so you can get the most out of your Super Tycoon.
Most of those steps are known to observant or long-time players, but perhaps some of these were not easily identified by most of the playerbase.

Without further ado, let’s proceed with the steps:


1. You should never spend anything on the first day of the tycoon. When tycoon comes, most people spend all their resources on the first day, and the daily rewards are harder to get and cannot be reached easily. This is why everyone should focus on the second and third days of the tycoon. The only section where you will be ranked in the first day, is the Reforge section, because it is usually the easiest to get a top 100 daily ranking at with minimal diamond spending (100-250 diamonds). On the first day, you should also only buy all the Augment/Light/Star stones from the Guild Shop by spending Guild Gold at maximum refreshes. Also on the first day, you should be refreshing your Arcanite attempts and buying any Alchemy Charms. You can buy the 3 extra tries with diamonds for a total of 125 diamonds but not more, stop when the refresh costs 75 diamonds. But you are not required to spend any other diamonds or get any rankings other than the Reforge section on the first day. If the Reforge section is bloated and requires a lot of diamonds or many people got a lot of points from the Tycoon Feast, you should not aim to go for the Reforge section during the first day, but rather on the third.


2. Never spend any diamonds on the first two days of the tycoon. Now, tycoon is heavily influenced by diamonds. 1 diamond can give you 5 tycoon points (without the exchange points), so if you have 50k diamonds you can receive 250k points from them, and 100k more points from the Exchange. But this is only done when the sale exchange is there, and this appears on the third day of the tycoon.


3. If you want to get a good daily ranking on the second day of the tycoon, use only your free resources above!


4. When you spend diamonds on the third and fourth days of the tycoon, you also receive sale exchange points. Use all those points only on the augment/light/star stone exchange (or the enchant stone exchange, if you want to get a good ranking there), as those two exchanges give the most points based on the exchange points spent.


5. If you really want to get a good ranking, try and get most of your points near the end time of the ranking. This is because the person who you want to pass might be offline at that time, and you can snatch a good rank easily, without committing much resources.


6. Mine settings are very important for a tycoon. The more mythic pets you have, the better your points from them will be, and they will be a lot. The best mine settings for tycoon are shown below:


You may switch the Augment/Light stones for Enchanting stones, but I believe it is best to focus on one single section.

Five red pets on the Star Stone and Light Stone mines are essential, because they are the most efficient mines and the 5th red pet will be just enough to add them that 1 extra unit, plus reducing their time substantially. If you have any remaining red pets, place them on the Augment mines in the first page. Make sure to refresh the mines as soon as possible.


7. Make sure to refresh the mines as soon as possible. However in the first day, you are not required to get any ranking, so you can actually put 12-hour mines around 12:00 or 16:00 PM (depending on red pet allocation), so all your mines will be ready at the start of the second day! This will give you an edge over other players in the second day daily rankings, because those players might not have planned that, and they just loot their mines at whatever time they see fit. For the second and third days, make sure to be able to loot most of your mines before the daily ranking ends (23:00 ST). This needs precise calculation, so it’s up to you to plan it the best way possible.


8. Loot only Star Stone daily, 7 times per day. It will take about 15 minutes to keep refreshing carefully and find a Star Stone in each loot, but it is worth it. You get the maximum tycoon points from it.

9. Do not loot these boxes, wait until near the end of the month and if a tycoon comes, try and loot them on the 2nd or 3rd days that you will achieve your daily rankings.


10. Always have 1200 x Augment Stones and 800 x Light Stones in your inventory. Never drop below this amount. There was a time where a single tycoon had 2 Item Hunts in it, and fully exchanging these stones to both of them amounted to around 150,000 points.


11. If you have any poker attempts saved for a tycoon, this is the best combination to go for. You can keep your Poker attempts and mulligan points from Monday to Sunday night.


12. If you really want to buy some VIP gift, wait for it during the third or fourth day of the Tycoon. Not only it will give you sale exchange points for your diamond spending, but some of them also give a great amount of resources with the gift that will further increase your points.


13. It is not a secret that since the EU/US servers are some hours behind the HKT ones, if you make a character on an HKT server you can see what the next day much earlier than your own day reset. This means that, if you check and you find that there is a tycoon tomorrow, you can prepare all your mines for the tycoon so you are ready and get more points on the next day!


14. Keep gems at level 7, do not fuse to level 8, only until the tycoon comes. This is because of a new feature added in the tycoon, called Gem Trove. This allows you to get extra gems and more importantly Gem Essence, for every level 8, 9 or 10 gem that you fuse during a tycoon. There are limits on this though, you cannot fuse and get rewards infinitely.


15. Regarding Arcanite, keep refreshing the page for the whole duration of the tycoon and buy every Alchemy Charm that is made available. However, it is not wise to spend any diamonds on the refreshes other than the first 3 attempts costing 50 diamonds maximum each. This is why you have to occasionally login every 6-8 hours, so you spend all your 10 tries and then again after some hours.


16. The Guild Shop refreshes every time at 12:00 and 18:00 Server time. Make sure you check it always after those times and buy ALL Augment/Light/Star Stones that you can find. Apart from that, make sure to use maximum refreshes on it every day of the tycoon, and also buy all the Augment/Light/Star Stones that you find. The maximum refreshes are 4 each day, together with the 12:00 and 18:00 Refreshes this is 6 refreshes per day. Make sure to buy the stones there every time! You need at least 60,000 Guild Gold for a whole tycoon to be ok. If level 1 gems come up in the shop and you have extra guild gold to spare, it would be wise to buy those too in every refresh.


17. During a tycoon, getting Deramera fragments from the Guild Pet slots is not a big deal. You should focus to spread your attempts evenly among tries, so you get the maximum Augment stones from the slots. Do not care about completing a whole row just to get Deramera, we do not care about the fragments during a tycoon.


18. The Mystery Shop has been updated for some time now. It now contains decent offers from time to time. Keep checking it on the third and fourth days so you might get some good offer for resources, as shown below. You should be buying anything with diamonds only on the third and fourth days though, because of the Super Sale Exchange event.


19. You should be spending the following resources, only on the following materials:
Merit points -> Glyphs
Guild Gold -> Augment/Light/Star stones, gems
Azure Fruit -> Nails
Eternium -> Anvils
Arcanite -> Alchemy Charms
Poker Attempts -> Full House combination (Glyphs)
Battle Token -> Glyphs
Obsidian -> Basic Enchanting stones
Honor -> Raging Souls

Bronze Tokens -> Light stones or Gold or Raging Souls


20. You can never ultimately win a tycoon without spending a good amount of diamonds, unless you are in a very easy group or you are gathering resources for 6 months or more. 10k diamonds can now give about 5times the points (or 7 times the points with exchange), so if you have 40k saved and you use them wisely during the third and fourth days of the tycoon, you will get around 280k points total. There are resources that have a better diamond to point ratio, and those are the following:

Anvil, Gem Essence, Wing Collection, Mage Stone, Soul Fragment. Those 5 resources have a 1:5 ratio of diamond to points, while the rest have 1:2 or 1:3, which is much lower.


21. If you can recharge, it would be best to simply recharge 2000 diamonds each day, not more is necessary. This will allow you to get the ‘Recharge Special offer’ that can be bought every day with diamonds, if you have recharged 2000 diamonds or more. You will obviously choose a pack that gives you points for your tycoon, not the one that does not.


Of course, recharging 2000 diamonds per day is also optimal, because it can give you extra recharge rewards that can be refreshed. In my opinion, if you are ever going for a top 3 place in the tycoon, you need to recharge at least 4000 diamonds. The first 2000 at the first time the recharge rewards exist, and the other 2000 the next time they refresh during the tycoon. Make sure to time them enough so you can get at least the 2 first limited recharge rewards of 500 diamonds per day, those give 500 raging soul and 150 mystic pouch plus 2 million gold.


22. Even if you are not going for the top 5 places, the Augment and the Raging Soul sections are the easiest to accomplish top 100 daily rankings. Those also provide you with Astral Scrolls, which are used to increase the star levels of your wings for more than 4-star. They are really important for lower spenders, and you should try and get top 100 daily rankings on those sections, as they give good rewards and can be achieved easily with a good mine strategy and some honor spending. Sometimes the Reforge section does not have much participation and you might be able to enter the top 100 daily rankings with minimal diamonds (100-250). If the Reforge section is bloated even in the first day, it is best to avoid it, depending on diamonds needed of course.


23. You have to calculate to which sections you want to get a good ranking on the second and third days. Also, it is best for both days to get a top 3 total daily rankings, because only on the top 3 total daily you get a mythic emblem as a reward. So, it is best to sit down, calculate what you have, and get a top 3 daily total ranking on both the second and third days. Depending on the opponent’s rankings, try and see what you could win easier and go for the second and third days. Keep in mind that for the second day, you cannot spend any diamonds, so make sure to use a lot of your free and saved resources.


24. The surprise shop might have great deals tycoon-wise on the third and fourth days, where you will be spending your planned diamonds. Getting 200 Seals or 100 Convert/Reset/Upgrade stones for the Skywings are already good deals for daily spending, but this time they will be also giving you exchange points through the Super Sale exchange. For tycoon resources, I believe the only ones worth buying from the Surprise Shop are discounted Gem Essences or Soul Fragments, the rest are optional depending on your diamond reserve.


25. If you can guess that a tycoon will occur at a certain date, you may actually recharge 100 diamonds per day beforehand so that you may collect all daily 100-diamond daily Limited Recharge and Wing Gift rewards when the tycoon arrives. If you have time to collect all of them on the second day, that would obviously be optimal, since you will be going heavy on the ranking on the second day, and not the first. But if the 7-day 1-euro recharge rewards end date is on the first day of the Tycoon, then do not lose the chance and collect them all on the first day, even though you will not have a good ranking then. It’s still extra points.


26. Free Purchase comes on the second and fourth days. For the second day it is kind of useless, because you will not be spending diamonds. But this means you have to take advantage of the fourth day’s Free Purchase at full scale. If you have a lot of diamonds to spare (>100k) then you might consider doing some good purchases on the second day, regardless if you get exchange points or not. The Free Purchase event might help you get some free buys during the second day if you get lucky.


27. Super Sale limits given on items refresh every day. This means that if you want to buy a lot of one item, more than the daily limit over the whole duration of a tycoon, you better buy some on the third day, so they can be refreshed on the fourth. I would recommend using this tactic mostly on the Gem Essence, as it is one of the items to go for during a Tycoon. Grabbing an extra 800 Gem Essence on the third and another 800 on the fourth day at 50% is good diamond spending for Tycoon standards. It is better to spend your diamonds on Gem Essences rather than on Augments or any other resources that are not that rare and do not provide that many advantages to a character.


28. Finally, it is good to keep at least 300-500k points for the last 5 minutes of the last day of the Tycoon, if you can manage to save such amounts without sacrificing top 3 daily rankings on the 2nd and 3rd days. I would personally suggest keeping much of your Eternium points (or Super Sale exchanges) for Anvil spending for these last minutes, as you need this last amount of points to be coming from 1 source (so as you do not confuse yourself with many menus) and you know precisely how many points you will receive at the end, as it will be easier to count. Also, Gold daily ranking is not that important, as it only provides yellow pet fragments and some eternium, so it is ok if you miss it. Surprising opponents with such a large amount of points in the last minutes will usually make your opponents panic and not be able to respond to such a large increase, because they could never expect such a big move. This is called ‘’sniping’’. Some players are able to snipe good enough even in the last minute, by even using chronometers for precise timing. From my experience, doing such a move in the last 3 minutes can give you great results, but you have to have planned your moves and remember what to do exactly, so as you do not allow yourself to panic in the last moment and lose your good ranking. Creating a tycoon calculator in Excel on your own would greatly help you achieve successful ‘’snipes’’. Be careful though, even if you plan all things correctly, someone might have planned a bigger snipe than you and eventually overtake you. You can only aim for the resources you have available though. The above things will make sure that you will participate very efficiently during a tycoon, but in no way guarantee victory.


29. KEEP STAGE REWARDS. Do not loot them immediately, because they all add to the points of each section of your tycoon! Make sure to loot them on the 2nd and 3rd days, each depending on which section you plan on getting a good daily ranking on that day!

30. Make good use of the 2 stages of the Tycoon Feast! You can buy the first tycoon feast on the second day, even though the Super Sale exchange is not there yet. However, that depends on the daily rankings you want to achieve that day, and how much would the Feast help you achieve that. The Free Purchase event on the second day might help you with some of your purchases on the second day, if you get lucky. Those purchases could include: Surprise shop purchases, Special recharge offers or the Tycoon feast.

31. BUY THE MYSTIC HELPER! ..if you can. This new in-game feature provides your character with greatly increased resources received per day by blitzing through it. Eternium, which is now the most important free resource for a Super Tycoon, is almost doubled per month only by having the Mystic Helper activated. Not to mention the increased gems and all other resources gained from it as extra.

Extra tips for new players: It would be wise to keep the chest rewards from your Adventure Stages and delay your Gem Adventure Stages until the Super Tycoon comes. They will provide extra resources that will add more points to your overall.

If you have any questions or need help, we will be happy to help you. You are welcome in our group, CLICK HERE. Or contact the site administrators. I would like to let you know that you can also find us on Facebook!