Hello Guardians, this is the Soul Vortex guide, a feature released in past updates but many would like to receive more information and a guide about it so here it is.

The Soul Vortex menu

You may enter the Soul Vortex feature by tapping on that blue circled icon while idling in the City. Keep in mind that Soul Vortex might not add a big amount of BR or hidden/special stats overall, but it is used mostly as a feature that adds more functionality to your character and triggers or ‘procs’ to your character for each normal attack that you do.

The starting Soul Vortex interface looks like this. It is comprised of 6 circles which all represent a certain constellation. You may gather blue, purple or gold souls (Basic, Advanced and Magic) from various events and also from the Guild Store by expending your Guild Gold during the daily refreshes. By expending those souls, you increase randomly the level of those constellations and receive the Soul Device Fragments (depicted on the top right of the above picture), which will allow you to unlock new devices! Devices will be explained further below.

Soul devices are shown in the left part of the picture above, in a list. Those can be unlocked by expending Soul Device Fragments, which as we said earlier, can be gained by using Soul Gems (blue, purple or gold) to the different constellations. Each device has a different function. Below are the skills of all devices that are released as of now:

As you can see, the effects added to your normal attacks through devices can be very powerful! Also, it is up to you to choose what is more important and to which occassion. Nerve Toxin for example would be one of the best when you are in a PvP mode that you constantly chase opponents like in World Royale or Guild Clash, while many of the others can be really good during other PvP modes. A great part of the Soul Vortex feature is that it allows you to equip multiple devices, but there is one catch! You must choose the order that those devices will equip themselves to your weapon after each normal attack. Consequently, the trick there is to choose which device from first to last, will help you more in a certain occasion. This can be done from the menu below, where you attach your soul devices in order:

You will have seen above that each device has a certain trigger chance to proc their skills as a percentage. You can ameliorate those percentages of each device by evolving them in the second tab under the ”Evolve” tab. In this menu, you will realise that for evolving a certain device, it requires some Soul Remnants of various stats and levels. You may receive Soul Remnants from various events and also from expending your Guild Gold in your daily refreshes of the Guild Store.

You may also expend Mystic Powders to further increase the level of devices in the ”Level Up” tab of the second menu. This will add base stats to your character but also receive certain bonuses with special stats every 4 levels increased.

Advanced Strategies

There is not any special strategy regarding the use of Soul Gems to increase the Soul Relic, simply because all Soul Gems combined will spread their points to the constellations randomly. Soul Device order However, there is a certain strategy involved to the order of devices someone has unlocked. It would be best for someone to slot Siphon or Insanity as someone’s first device, as healing some HP even from the first attack can be life saving at times or getting that extra boost of hidden stats as soon as you can, can really make the difference in your fight. This does mean that Siphon always has to go first. In PvP modes like World royale where speed plays an important role to get to objectives, putting Nerve Toxin device as your first will work wonders! Empower and Debilitate devices can be inserted after Siphon at all times. Nerve Toxin can either go first or last, depending on the PvP mode.

Vortex materials

All materials used in the Soul vortex feature can also be received from the Guild Store. However, they can also be obtained most optimally as extra rewards from top 100 daily and total ranks in several events, since Guild Gold is a very important resource to be used during Tycoons. It is advisable though to spend a fair amount of Guild Gold every day for the Soul Vortex materials for a month at least, especially if you are at the initial stages of the feature. Keep in mind that the Soul Gems provide different points to the Soul Relic based on their color. Basic Soul Gems (blue) provide 10 points, Advanced Soul Gems (purple) provide 40 points and Magic Soul Gems (gold) provide 120 points. The Guild Gold required to buy each of the above respectively is 10, 50 and 150. This means that buying the blue Soul Gem whenever you find it available in the Guild Store is a must, as it has the better ratio of Guild Gold and points added. Mystic powder can always be obtained in the Guild Store for 300 Guild Gold for 10 powders. It is recommended to increase the levels of all your Soul Devices evenly, as they all provide Special stats as a bonus. You may prioritize more the devices that add more ATK or ELE if you wish, but they should all be more or less evenly leveled. Soul Remnants are the ones who make a real difference in this feature. They are also sold in the Guild Store for 250 Guild Gold each, and it is advisable to keep purchasing them for a bit longer than the rest. Soul Remnants are also not readily available through events like the Powders or the Soul Gems, this is why they need to be bought from the Guild Store for a bit longer. You should immediately fuse Soul Remnants until you make all your devices to Rank 3, but after that you should heavily prioritize the Siphon device regarding Soul Remnants. Increasing the chance of stealing HP from your opponent will really make a difference. I hope this guide proved to be useful to anyone seeking information for the Soul Vortex feature.Feel free to post any other strategies or suggestions below.

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