Hello Guardians, here we are again with another guide for one of our favorite features: the Sky Builds and Emblems.

We adamantly believe that this feature can utterly turn the tables in a Sky or PvP battle, regardless of who is the strongest. However, with newer features coming up and with time passing by, the Sky emblems have lost the monopoly of the shift of power that they provided, and have also become more and more available for players to try them out and find most of its secrets. Thus, most can now practice or explore any of the high-tier builds available in the game. The intention of the below information is to recommend some builds to the players that I deem to be noteworthy and offer a plethora of important information. Emblem Builds Before continuing, any player must realise that the Sky Emblems can be an amazing tool for the development of a character, but it requires luck and knowledge. However, no certain emblem build can completely satisfy the needs of your character in both Sky Battle and normal PvP. There can be hybrid builds which will allow one to keep a steady setup of emblems in his/her arsenal, but of course, if one solely focuses on one gameplay aspect, it would certainly be better for that, but a lot worse for the other. Therefore, I have compiled a set of emblem setups below which are divided into two categories:

1) the Sky Emblem Builds and
2) the PvP Emblem builds The Sky Emblem builds are made to enhance your power as much as possible in the Skyfall Battle event. The PvP Emblem builds are compiled to increase your power in PvP events such as the Cross-server Wars or any other PvP event inside Legacy of Discord (World Royale, Fellowship Wars, Guild Clash, etc.)

You must have realised by now that the Sky Emblems offer great buffs to the player, even outside of Sky Battles. A recent update has also allowed the player to be able to trigger their Trinity emblems in the Arena, provided that they are the ones who initiate the attack. They will not work once you are the defending player of someone trying to duel you back. The emblems listed in all the builds below are prioritized from top to bottom. Also, take note of the comment next to the emblem build’s name, since this is how you can choose which one suits you, depending on your emblem arsenal. Thirdly, pay extra attention to the Quality column, as it can tell you if you must prioritize that emblem a bit more or even make it Mythic (red) before anything else. All builds below will have an emblem count of twenty in total. If you are able to equip more, please adjust according to the ratios listed below in the 20-emblem setups, or even experiment with new additions of other types in your builds as well as increase the quantity of a particular emblem for better effects. IMPORTANT: You always have to keep in mind that Trinity emblems can only be triggered by the first and second skills inside Skybattle, and with all skills (including ultimate) in normal PvP. Normal attacks cannot trigger Trinity emblems. You can discern a Trinity emblem proc by a blank box in the middle of your screen during fight, as below:

Sky Emblem Builds The Gladiator build is the initial step to start becoming decent in Sky Battle. As you have noticed, the following emblem types do not exist above, and you will never find them until the end of this guide: FR, FrR, LR, Mdef, Pdef, Ele, HP and their percentage (%) counterparts. This is because for Sky Battle and for normal PvP, the above stats offer the least amount of power for your character, and it would be wise to disregard the above in any of your builds. You may use the Ele emblems instead of the ATK ones for some builds, but as of now, the Ele builds cannot be as strong as the latter. Requirements: You need to have the Infuse level of your Twilight necklace to at least level 15, so you can constantly heal in Skybattle with all the Block emblems that you have equipped. An important part of this build is that your gameplay should solely consist of normal attacks, you must never use any skills during gameplay with this particular build. Just try and stay as close as possible to your opponents and start attacking them. Hopefully they will start attacking you back, and when they do, you will block their attacks more often with your high Block value, thus healing at your next attack. Skills in Skybattle should only be used when a player has Trinity emblems equipped, with the proper setup of course. You can occasionally use the third swirl AoE skill for some last hits on enemies, even with this build. This build was greatly successful for the first 2-3 months after Skybattle was released, but now it is very vulnerable to one-hit builds, as players keep receiving more and more rare emblems which allow them to do so. This brings us to the next build:

The Acrobat is an alternate version of the Gladiator build, but with a twist in power, as you sacrifice your healing and offensive power with more chance to completely evade attacks, as a non-trinity user. Basically, this build nets you a bigger chance of winning against opponents with one-hit capabilities that completely destroy you before you even see them, and yes there are plenty of those players by now. The strategy is all the same as the Gladiator build, however this will allow you to have a bigger chance to dodge the first or second skills of an opponent that has a one-hit build, whom you can kill afterwards. Your chance of surviving or even winning against players like that will still be low, but it is always worth a try.

Welcome to the world of the Battleaxe emblem! You now have a Battleaxe and you can use it in the most efficient way to start one-shotting opponents, which is not really a secret anymore. The combination of emblems for such power is by isolating an ATK% emblem so that your Battleaxe can trigger only that emblem alone when it procs. If you check carefully on the Battleaxe description inside the game, it writes:

This means that if in our Emblem setup, we have only an ATK% emblem at Mythic quality (and all the rest at orange or below quality), we can force the Battleaxe to only trigger the ATK% emblem whenever it procs. This is one-shotting 101 for Sky Battle. Since you will be constantly triggering one ATK% emblem, it would be wise to have it as high of a value as possible, so you better reforge its value to an adequate percentage. The Ninja build can be considered a “fake” Conqueror build, because it can actually have the same killing power as Conqueror builds, without even owning one! Note that for builds with one-shotting capabilities, Pierce or Critical is of 0 value now. You will one-shot the opponent anyway, provided your 1st or 2nd skills hit the target and trigger the Battleaxe, which is why you need a lot of Hit emblems. The Block emblems are not so efficient now anymore, since you will rarely engage in long fights in order to heal up. It is now kill or be killed, and that clearly depends on your way of playing and on your emblem build. Some Block emblems are needed however, because they can allow you to occasionally block some attacks and heal to full HP afterwards (from all the attack buffs of your Battleaxe proc). Dodge emblems compile the largest part of this build, as you need to equip such to avoid being hit and negate an opponent from potentially triggerring his one-shotting power. NOTE: You will have realised that for the Ninja and Samurai builds below, I have greyed out the Infinite emblem. This is because the Infinite does not go well with the Battleaxe or Conqueror emblems, it is much better to be used alone. However, with only Battleaxe or only Conqueror builds, an Infinite can match and have the least amount of bad impact towards your gameplay, while as you will see later, an Infinite combined with both a Battleaxe and a Conqueror can mess up your attacks and procs big time, depending on the emblems stolen from your opponent.

Ah, the Conqueror! A most-sought emblem, said to have the least amount of chance of being reforged. Technically the Samurai and Ninja builds act the same, however a player is much more flexible (and can have much more survivability) with a Conqueror in its arsenal, both in terms of the quality and the type of emblems that he/she can equip. Conqueror’s description is seen below, it amplifies the attributes of all your emblems by 80% at maximum value. While the Battleaxe can increase a single emblem 16 times more at max value, a Conqueror emblem is a force to be reckoned with when you start having a strong emblem pool full of Mythic emblems.

Regarding greying out the Infinite, please check the Note in the previous build. You can see that Hit and Dodge emblems are of paramount importance for these builds, while the rest have been a little bit neglected. Block is still a bit needed, and the difference of the Samurai with the Ninja build is that you require a minimum of 2-3 ATK% emblems to be able to one-hit properly, because the amplification of the Conqueror is not as high as Battleaxe’s to the ATK% emblem. The flexibility that the Samurai buildprovides allows us to be able to have even Mythic Resilience emblems to our build, which can help us survive the plentiful of hits/crits while we are near a tower, or in case that our skills fail to trigger our Trinity emblem and we are at a cooldown phase, during which we are the most vulnerable.

The Emperor build is at the nearing stages of perfection in terms of Skybattle. It actually functions similarly to the Samurai build above, although now you may try to increase the amount of ATK% emblems equipped, so that your Battleaxe has an extra chance to trigger its procs on that emblem, and so when Conqueror fails to proc, Battleaxe acts as a failsafe or vice versa. However, note that by doing so, you will sacrifice other emblem types, which might reduce your survivability. Note that it is better not to use your Infinite emblem on such builds when you have one. The calculation behind Infinite will not be posted here, but it can occasionally mess up the procs of your Conqueror or Battleaxe emblems based on emblems/buffs stolen. PvP Emblem Builds

Do you remember when the Special Stats were the deciding factor of a duel between imbalanced BR characters? I certainly do, and it is not a secret that Special Stats are of high importance in PvP, certainly much more than having mere Base Statistic Emblems. The Warrior build is basically a starter build which can be made even in the first day of Emblem reforging, since Special Stats are easy to be found from reforging. What this build basically says is that, when you do not have any of the Rare Stats as alternatives to your PvP Sky Emblem build, you should definitely go for Special Stat Emblems, as they can make a difference when fighting an opponent. The choice of Special Statistics depends on you. You can also never go wrong with this build in Skybattle, as Special Stats there are very powerful.

The reason I am posting the Commander build is because I wanted to show you the transition of your reforges towards a better PvP Emblem build. In short, Extra Damage/Damage Reduction > Critical Damage/Crit. Dmg. Reduction > Special Stats for normal PvP. Disregard all the rest, apart from Trinity Emblems of course Depending on your character’s Critical Power (Critical or Resilience statistics compared to your opponent’s, as well as certain items locked/unlocked), sometimes CD% or CDR% might be completely useless to you, thus Special Stats can offer you a greater advantage. ED% and DR% emblems will always remain at the top though. You have to slowly reforge the emblems of the least powerful statistic, until you reach a point to be able to make the below PvP build:

The General build is not so general, it includes the rarest of PvP emblems which will definitely take a long time to be assembled through reforges. As in previous Conqueror+Battleaxe builds, Infinite is better left outside of the equation. The recommended percentage value is shown next, try to reforge those as quickly as possible. The reason why I put 3 of each Conqueror or Battleaxe as a requirement will be discussed at the end of this guide. You are more than welcome to change this build either offensively or defensively, by changing the amount of ED% or DR% emblems in your setup. Take note that the emblems that you equip will be of Mythic quality at the end, and will be amplified by both your Trinity emblems. It is therefore imperative to decide, are you going to take on a balanced approach, an offensive or defensive one? The answer depends on you, as well as depending on the opponent you are about to face.

Wulf’s Recommended Hybrid Build

For a 20-emblem setup, the Victor is a recommended build which would allow you to never switch any emblems in your Emblem interface and still do relatively ”good” in both Skybattle and normal PvP situations. The lazy build as I call it. You will have the luxury of one-hitting opponents in Skybattle whenever the Conqueror triggers, but also have incredible PvP power because of your ED% and/or DR% emblem count. Similarly to the General build, you may increase or decrease the amount of ED% or DR% emblems to your liking, even up to making a fully offensive build full of ED% only, or fully defensive with full DR% only, depending on which side you want Battleaxe to isolate the most. ** I have to mention at this point that there are incredible effects for you to explore when the Conqueror and Battleaxe emblems trigger at the same time on particular emblems, the buffs provided will be simply insane, but this is for you to find out and experiment on. Note however, that compared to the Samurai or Emperor builds, this build has almost zero survivability in Skybattle, thus you will have to use your wits and play smart, nearing other players like a shark does. Use your first and second skills from a good enough range to hit them and trigger your Trinity emblems, but do not get too close or you will die quickly. NOTE: As good as this build might seem, you will realise that you will have a problem hitting other players in Skybattle to trigger your Trinities. This is because it lacks Hit emblems. I make sure to remove some of my Rare stat Emblems for Skybattle and include 1-2 Hit emblems of Mythic quality and insanely high value (110k+). When the time for normal PvP comes, I remove the Hit emblems and put on the Rares instead. How are multiple Trinity emblems calculated? As you have already seen, some of the builds above include 1 or more Trinity emblems inside. At first glance this would seem like a waste of Emblem slots, however this is not true as multiple Trinity emblems of the same, offer an incredible advantage on its chance to trigger. The chance of multiple Trinity emblems is calculated through the binomial distribution method, which is basically 1 minus the multiplication of the failure chanceof each emblem. Example – 3 x Battleaxe emblems of 31% value will have a chance of: 1 – (0.69 * 0.69 * 069) => 1-(0.69^3) => 0.671491 => 67.1491% chance to trigger your Battleaxe upon successful skill Hit (per instance) Example 2 – 1x Battleaxe of 28%, 1x Battleaxe of 31%, 1 Battleaxe of 37% 100-28 = 72 100-31=69 100-37=63 1 – (0.72 * 0.69 * 0.63) = 0.687016 => 68.7016% My personal recommendation is that for an end-game setup as of now, 4 emblems of each Trinity is a really good time to stop adding more of each, as diminishing returns start to kick in at 5 or more emblems through binomial distribution. The Secret Build

.. I trolled you pretty well up there right? But who knows, maybe there is indeed a secret build that is far superior to the above, at least in one aspect. Let me hear your recommendations and thoughts on it and all of the above below, I would also love to hear your suggestions! Until next time!

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