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Grow your mass to an adequate size by eating bacteria and beat the Virus of each level. Eradicate the menace plaguing humanity in all continents of the world by moving fast around the map, dodging or killing different enemies in order to progress.
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skill talents

After every completed level, you will be rewarded with DNA points which you can spend for talents in order to grow in strength and attain different abilities, which will aid you greatly in your quest to eliminate the Virus. Read the talent tree carefully in order to prioritize the ones you deem most important!
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The Antibiotic which you control can be fully customized with in-app purchases by wearing different hats or emojis. Those are only cosmetic changes and in no way affect the power of your character in the game.

explore the story of microbion

Microbion’s development was greatly inspired by the period in early 2020 when COVID-19 started to greatly affect the world.

You are an Antibiotic, a green mass, roaming around the map. Your goal is to beat the Virus of each level, but in order to do that you have to have grown to an adequate size (larger than the Virus) in order to eat it and complete the level. You have to keep eating friendly bacteria around the map in order to grow.

As you progress, you will realise that the Virus keeps becoming larger and larger. There is a time limit to complete each level, so as you progress through all the continents of the world, the span which you have to complete the level becomes harder.

Great navigation, evasion and correct use of skills are needed to fend off this menace. DNA points are earned after every completed level in order to be spent for powerful talents that will make your life easier as you progress.

kill the virus. save the world.

Microbion is one of the best indie games with colorful graphics, amazing sound effects and satisfying gameplay. Immerse yourself in challenging levels with unique environments for unlimited entertainment. Discover our survival game now, use your skills to grow fast and stop all the dangerous enemies from spreading and affecting the world.

Eat smaller cells in order to grow and become the hero that everyone’s waiting for! It’s time for you to show your skills and fight threatening enemies by shooting at them or block them against a membrane. Take part in challenging battles and missions in one of the best arcade action games!

Microbion has an addictive gameplay with a great story behind it. A severe hazard has affected regions around the world. At every level, there is a boss that has to be defeated, provided your green pointy mass has reached an adequate size in order to consume it. There are +60 levels and 6 continents for you to explore. It’s an arcade action game like you’ve never experienced before!

If you’re tired of all the classic games and you’re in need of an exciting single-player arcade action game for your Android, this single-player, survival simulator is perfect for you! Microbion has various features that will enhance your gaming experience, from lots of levels to complete, to exploring different environments, discovering powerful boosters, encountering challenging battles, and exploring an amazing shop to buy DNA points to increase your talents but also change the look of your mass.

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Play and defend your land from the imminent threat and have hours of fun playing!
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microbion, the new fast-paced adventure by secret guides

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Secret Guides Microbion Antibiotic

✅ Original single-player Game.
✅ High-quality graphics, open spaces and adventure worlds.
✅ Tons of challenging missions.
✅ +60 Levels and 6 continents [10 levels in each continent].
✅ Aggressive and formidable enemies.
✅ Powerful Boosters.
✅ Dynamic gameplay & Cool animation effects.
✅ Amazing Talent tree.
✅ DNA Shop & Mass customization.
✅ Intuitive touch screen controls.
✅ Free to play.

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