Hello everyone, this is a guide on rage generation in Legacy of Discord. It will make sure to provide that extra bit of information that you might have missed or never knew regarding the Rage system.

The goal of this guide on rage generation is to provide you with enough information about the more advanced details of certain features that this game offers.

So let’s begin.

First of all, I am sure you are all familiar with the Rage generation feature of Legacy of Discord.
Generally, when your character attacks or casts a skill, an amount of Rage is generated which is needed to cast your Ultimate ability.
The Ultimate ability of each character can only be cast when the Rage meter is full. Anyone can discern a full Rage meter, as the circle around a character’s Ultimate ability is on fire, as seen below:

Now, this is how the Ultimate ability button looks when the character has built no Rage at all, and the next screenshot shows the Rage slowly building up around the button as the character casts skills or does normal attacks:

It is therefore imperative to have the knowledge of the following:
The Rage meter around the Ultimate ability needs 100 points of Rage to befilled up completely.

Each normal attack that a character does fills up the meter by 1 point. However, you are already familiar that a character’s attack animation changes every third attack it does. I call that attack the “Blast attack”, and it is always the third attack in a row when a character is constantly attacking. The animation of that attack is a bit different than the normal ones. For the Berserker class for example, that attack smashes the ground. The Sorceress spins around herself and the Bladedancer makes a “wheel” motion and rips the ground before doing the Blast attack. The screenshots below will help you discern the difference between a normal attack and the Blast attack for the Berserker class:

The Blast attack of each character fills up the Rage meter by 2 points.

Now, it is time to move on to how much each skill fills up the Rage meter of a character.
The picture below shows how much Rage each skill adds for a level 1 character.

However, each character can upgrade its skills at levels 10 and 40 to receive +1 and +3 more Rage generated by each skill respectively, as shown below:

This means that in a very short time, the final summary of Rage generated by each skill will be as follows:
1st skill: 8 (initial Rage) + 1 (level 10 upgrade) + 3 (level 40 upgrade) = 12 points
2nd skill: 12 (initial Rage) + 1 (level 10 upgrade) + 3 (level 40 upgrade) = 16 points
3rd skill: 15 (initial Rage) + 1 (level 10 upgrade) + 3 (level 40 upgrade) = 19 points

And the normal and Blast attack Rage generation is as follows:
Normal attack: 1 point
Blast attack: 2 points

Now, how can this guide on rage generation help a player? It can be totally useless, unless someone really wants to plan things ahead, in regards to when exactly he wants to cast his Ultimate ability in important automatic battles like the Cross-server Wars.

To time our Ultimate ability in battles like these, one must also consider his/her VIP level.
The VIP level of each character is a very important factor for Rage build-up. This is because different VIP levels offer a specific amount of initial Rage to the character, to whichever environment that character initially enters. Note that the VIP level has absolutely no effect towards Rage generation. It however adds more to the Initial Rage stored when a character enters an instance.

If you navigate to your VIP button on the top left, you may scroll through different Halos, which are unlocked in sequence based on your VIP level. You may also obtain important information, as to how much Initial Rage does each VIP level add to the character. The screenshot below depicts the VIP15 additions. You can see that for the VIP15 characters, the Initial Rage is increased to 65 points at any instance.

The Initial Rage additions based on VIP level are as follows:
VIP 0 – 0 Initial Rage
VIP 1-5 – 10 Initial Rage
VIP 6 – 20 Initial Rage
VIP 7-8 – 30 Initial Rage
VIP 9-10 – 40 Initial Rage
VIP 11-12 – 50 Initial Rage
VIP 13-14 – 60 Initial Rage
VIP 15 – 65 Initial Rage

For automatic matches, keep in mind that the game has set a predetermined priority regarding skills. The picture below shows how that priority is set.

This means that if both your Ultimate ability and your skill 1 are available to be cast in an automatic battle, your character will first cast the skill 1 and then your Ultimate ability. You can assume the same thing to all the other skill combinations based on their priority.

For the purposes of this guide on rage generation, from now on I will be naming the number 1 skill “Dash”, number 3 skill “AoE”, number 4 skill “Middle skill” and number 2 skill the “Ultimate”.
With that in mind, a good example of the sequence of skills cast in an automatic battle (which everyone starts without having the Rage meter filled/Ultimate available), would be first casting the Dash skill (1) then the Area of Effect skill (3) and then the Middle skill (4). After that, a character either casts the Dash skill (1) again if its cooldown reset and then start doing normal attacks if the Rage generated has not allowed the Ultimate ability to be available yet.

IMPORTANT: There is one particular point that is worth noting. The actual points needed to fill up the Rage meter are 101, and not 100. This happens only when the character casts skills only to build up its Rage, and not normal attacks. This might be a bug or a visual bug, or simply the way the developers have implemented the Rage meter. I call that 1 extra point the “Rage Reserve” and this point is definitely needed to make your Ultimate available when casting skills alone. This happens probably because the Rage addition of the 1st skill (Dash) is not exactly 12, but might be something like 11,9 which means just a single normal attack will fill up the meter after the 99,9 Rage points have been built up. However, this does not mess up the sequence of skills needed to cast the Ultimate ability after the Rage bar resets, as we will also find out below.

Another factor that can affect anyone’s initial Rage meter is of course that single Costume which is available for every class, which can add +15 Initial Rage total for that character (split in 2 parts: one can add +10 and the other +5).

With all this information in mind, it is time to present a table which will allow players to decide when exactly they want their character to cast their Ultimate ability in automatic matches:

The green boxes depict when a character will be able to cast its Ultimate ability based on its VIP level and Rage Costume.
To help you understand this sheet, the character with the earliest possible timing to cast his Ultimate is a VIP15 character with the +5 part of the Rage Costume equipped, or VIP13-15 characters that get +10 or +15 Initial Rage from their Costume, as those are the earliest green boxes you encounter.
We can also see that since there is not any number “100” in the whole sheet, the “Rage Reserve” bug will not affect any character at all in automatic matches.
Keep in mind that this sheet was created assuming the character has passed level 80 and has upgraded all of its skills, so that the Cooldown and Rage generation of all skills have reached their maximum potential.

It is up to you to decide when you want to cast your Ultimate in automatic matches. Some people like to be able to cast it as soon as possible, but others might want to delay it for after casting the second Dash, as this has a chance to add some seconds of invulnerability to your character and that would eventually prevent a lot of damage, possibly even from an Ultimate ability cast early by the opponent.

Unfortunately, whatever time it is that you would like to choose for your Ultimate to be ready. Your options will always be limited based on your VIP level. However, changing the Initial Rage number on your character will affect the whole outcome of the match, as skills that you cast will be done earlier or later than your opponent’s. This is something to consider when putting into the equation the Talents you have unlocked for your character, as a combination of all this information I gave in this guide on rage generation can give you an advantage.

If you have any questions or need help we will be more than happy to help. You are welcome to join in our group PRESS HERE. Or contact administrators. You can also find us on Facebook!