Legacy of discord stamina

Legacy of Discord – All about Stamina

Legacy of Discord – All about Stamina


What is STAMINA?

Stamina in Legacy of Discord is used to battle the main Story Dungeon as well as its Elite Stages. Every 6 minutes, 1 stamina is generated. It will continue to generate stamina until you have reached the maximum capacity of 100 stamina. The maximum capacity will increase as your VIP level increases. So, if you are non-VIP, make sure to empty your stamina every 10 hours so that it will continue to regenerate effectively.

When to use STAMINA?

It is ideal that stamina is used only during in-game events that will drop event special materials to maximized the materials or to complete event quests. Using stamina in the first 3 stages of the First Chapter is also known to drop more diamonds than all the other stages.


How can STAMINA be obtained?

Stamina can be obtained in very limited places listed below:

  • Leisure Activity icon – Fishing – Aim to get 15-20 stamina for every attempt.
  • Leisure Activity icon – Quiz – The number of correct answers determine the amount of stamina received.

  • Benefit icon – Feast – It can be claimed between 12.00 – 14.00 and between 18.00 – 20.00. Claiming the feast reward will recover stamina by 60.

  • Friends icon – Get and Send stamina – In here you can collect and send stamina up to 15 attempts. Due to the limited attempts, you have to ensure that you have more than 15 active friends so that they continue to play and send stamina daily.

  • Returning players feature – Champion of Light – after not logging in for more than 7 days, the Champion of Light feature will appear. Inside there is a 7-Days quest which gives stamina rewards.

  • Returning players feature – Welcome Back Gift – after not logging in for more than 7 days, this feature will appear. Inside, there are 2 treasure chests containing stamina as its rewards.


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