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It is time again for a new guide bringing forth several new features to enhance your gameplay experience- Illusionary Weapons & Sacred Gem Awaken Guide.
This includes illusionary weapons for all classes, a small revamp to the Wrathwing Affinity system and most importantly, the new Sacred Gem Awaken feature.

New Illusionary Weapons

You can have a glimpse of the new Illusionary weapons by going to your Ultima Weapon interface, as shown in the screenshot below.
These new weapons are new versions of the previously released Ultima Weapons of each class, but can now be unlocked with a new hourglass resource, the Dark Hourglass.

You can later equip those new illusionary weapons by going to your Character Information screen and tapping on the ‘Show Weaponry’ button, as shown in the screenshot below.
Keep in mind that those weapons are not available to be activated yet, but the Dark Hourglass resource will definitely be obtainable in the very near future.

Wrathwing Affinity adjustments

Most players that have upgraded their Wrathwings enough will realise that there is a decent boost waiting for them when upgrading any part of their character.
This is because of some adjustments we have made in the Wrathwing Affinity system, allowing for more bonuses when having unlocked different Wrathwings.

This gives more value to the Wrathwing system overall, especially when unlocking many different wings.

The new Sacred Gem Awaken feature

A very important part of this update is the addition of the Sacred Gem Awaken feature, which is unlocked at level 70.
It is an extra feature of the ‘Gem Socket’ feature under the ‘Socket’ tab in the Equipment menu, as shown in the screenshots below:

Players can now get extra bonuses by upgrading each gem slot in all of their items by using the new Gem Essence resource.
The bonuses received are based on the level and type of the Gem socketed in that slot, as well as the level of the socket itself, which is upgraded with the Gem Essence.

The Sacred Gem Awaken interface looks as follows and a player needs Gem Essence and Gold to upgrade a gem slot.
Gem Essences are not yet obtainable in the game, but will be readily available in the very near future from various events.
As a player upgrades more gem slots, the level of his/her Basic Sacred Gem increases as well, granting even more bonuses.
Increasing the level of a gem slot also provides an attribute percentage boost of the gem socketed in it.

The bonuses shown below are based on a gem slot meant for an Attack gem, which is currently Level 8.
If the player upgrades that slot to at least Level 1, then he/she receives the bonuses that a Level 8 Attack gem would give, as highlighted in the screenshot below.

The higher the level of the Gem socketed in that slot, the more bonuses the player can receive from down the list.
Those bonuses also increase marginally depending on the level of the Gem Slot itself, which can be upgraded by using Gem Essence.

We hope that this Illusionary Weapons & Sacred Gem Awaken Guide cleared many of your questions regarding these features. If you however have any questions or need help, we will be happy to help you. You are welcome in our group, CLICK HERE. Or contact the site administrators. I would like to let you know that you can also find us on Facebook!