Hello everyone, this is a guide showing the various changes in the Guild Camp and its interface compared to its older layout- Guild Camp features and Hidden Stats revealed.

New Guild Scenery

First of all, the game changed its traditional menu of the Guild screen, and added a new one which has a much better layout, graphical interface and provides ease of access to everything which is guild-related, as seen below:


It surely adds a refreshing tone in the game, a new colorful and optimized menu, and of course, it does not come alone.
Along with the new Guild interface, we also have several features optimized for the Guild Camp feature.

Guild Camp Bosses and Guild Treasure Hunt

Since its release, the Guild Camp feature was immediately appealing to our playerbase for its opportunity to provide social and gameplay interaction within a Guild and for its rewarding gameplay, regardless of VIP level.
After this update, each time the Bonfire levels up, a Boss will spawn in the middle of the Guild Camp for all players to kill. Players were not able to attack in the camp previously, but they will be able to change between Peace and Battle modes through the Function button, as shown below:

This new type of map can be excavated only inside the Guild Camp, by opening the Camera menu arrow, and tapping on it there.
Any advanced Treasure maps you have will be shown there. If you don’t have any, be patient until the RNG gods give some to you!

After one of those maps are expended, an extra Boss will spawn in the middle of the Camp, which can be killed by surrounding guild members and receive amazing rewards.
Expending such maps thus allows for a Guild Treasure Hunt, because there is no limit to how many Guild members can be present to slay the spawned Boss.

Hidden stats revealed!

Now, this is the most exciting thing for me, but each to their own I guess!

The hidden stats have all been added to the player’s character info screen, for everyone to see!

Previously, only the Critical Damage % statistic was shown, but now all of them are available to be seen, not to just you, but you can inspect other opponents’ stats too.
This allows us to make more calculations and optimize our character, taking into account the spread of those stats and obviously the situational opponent that we have to face next.

The new stats Giant’s Might and Savage Endurance, provided by the new Divine Armory feature, have also been added.
Their explanation is shown below, as also included in the in-game Question Mark button in the Divine Armory-Weapon Skill interface:


Those two stats can be procured by increasing the levels of the middle orb of each of the Ultima weapons in the Divine Armory.
To raise the middle orbs at a certain level, all of the surrounding orbs have to reach that level first.

Have fun in Legacy of Discord!

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