Guide: Pet Awaken & Extra Pet Tablet

Dear players, a new update brought forth a brand new feature regarding pets, it is called ”Pet Awaken”. We also introducted a new Mythic Pet, which is required to unlock the special attributes and skill of our new Tablet. Lastly, the Archangel Metamorph and the Harmony Wrathwings were introduced into the game’s menus and will be available for obtaining in future events- guide: Pet Awaken & Extra Pet Tablet. You can read more about this update on our official website here: Pet awaken – Archangel Metamorph

Our new Mythic Pet, Malgus, is here to enrich our variety of Pets in Legacy of Discord. This brand new demon is linked with our newly-introduced Mute Tablet, which grants the skill of silencing opponents, preventing them from using skills for some seconds.

We saw the new update introducing a new set of Wrathwings, called ”Harmony”, a Rank 9 Wrathwing. You can see their angelic design in the screenshot below: The Archangel Metamorph, an avatar of Light that is here to clash against the Darkness, is also introduced after this update. Both the Harmony Wrathwings and the Archangel Metamorph will be readily available in future events, so stay tuned Guardians. The new Pet Awaken feature The most important part of this update, the new Pet Awaken feature, is based on a new pet battle mode which will be available on the 22nd of November, the Dark Tower. Players have been given the chance to prepare their Pet Awakening until the next week, by introducing the Pet Awaken feature in this update. You can see a preview of our new feature by tapping on the ”Preview” button on the top of your Interface, as shown in the screenshot below. Do not forget that there are daily rewards to collect from the Preview, so do not miss out! The daily rewards grant the player with the new resource, Advanced and Superior ”Force Awakens” resource, which is needed to awaken pets in our new Pet Awaken feature. The new Pet Awaken feature is unlocked after a character has reached level 80, and one can find it by tapping on the Pet menu button and then on the Pet Awaken button, as shown in the screenshots below: The interface that follows is the main menu of the Pet Awaken feature, and shows all pets that can be awakened at this moment in time. The pets are sorted by newly added factions, named Sacred, Evil, Cai, Beast and Shade. Every faction adds a different bonus to the player upon equipping a Pet of that faction. Note that not all pets can be awakened at this stage, but slowly every single pet will be added to that list. Note that the faction bonuses change depending on how many pets you have unlocked for that Faction, and how many Ranks have been reached by the pets of that Faction. To awaken a pet, simply tap on one of the Pets and tap on ”Activate” You need to have the required amount of fragments to do so, and the pet must have reached a certain star quality. The required amount of fragments to awaken a pet is based on its quality.

Blue/Rare pets – 25 fragments each – Needs to be of 3-star quality
Purple/Epic pets – 50 fragments each – Needs to be of 3-star quality
Yellow/Legendary pets – 75 fragments each – Needs to be of 2-star quality
Red/Mythic pets – 100 fragments each – Needs to be of 2-star quality To rank up an awakened pet, simply tap on its icon in the Pet Awaken interface.

You will need fragments of that Pet as well as the new ”Force Awakens” resource. You may need the Advanced or the Superior versions of the ”Force Awakens” resource depending on the quality of the pet. Awakening a pet will give a lot of BR to a player, by granting him many percentage bonuses, basic and special stats. Pair that with the additive Extra Damage and Damage Reduction bonuses, it is a great feature for anyone to invest on. We hope this guide answers to many of the questions you might have had regarding our new update. Stay tuned for more!

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