Hello everyone! Here I am again with one of the more important guides for Legacy of Discord- guide on the Hidden stats.
This time I will be providing more advanced knowledge regarding an aspect of the game which is not well-known by the community, the hidden stats.

The hidden stats are called hidden because, well, they are hidden.

They are not visible or included in the character screen like Health Points or Attack for example.
UPDATE: As of 22/03, those stats are now revealed in the character info screen of each player. I guess we should call them Revealed Stats now.

There are 4 hidden stats available in Legacy of Discord, although one of them is not really hidden. It is the Critical Damage statistic, which is visible to all characters.
However, for the purposes of this guide, we will include it as one of the hidden stats, simply because it is interconnected with the rest.
The other three stats are: Extra Damage, Damage Reduction and Critical Damage Reduction.
Those 4 stats work together in a character and function similarly and are closely connected.

It is easy for a player to guess what exactly those stats do, as one has to only translate them to find the answer.
Extra Damage increases overall damage of a character, while damage reduction decreases overall damage taken.
Critical Damage and Critical damage reduction work the same way, but only for critical attacks.

Easy right? Yes it is, until we strive for a more detailed explanation in this guide on the Hidden stats, to a point that we would be able to calculate exactly how much damage we do or receive.

In Legacy of Discord, you may encounter these stats with the following abbreviations:
Extra Damage – ED, ED%, Dmg or Extra Damage %
Damage Reduction – DR, DR%, Dmg Reduc or Damage Reduction %
Critical Damage – CD, CD%, Crit Dmg or Critical Damage %,
Critical Damage Reduction – CDR, CDR%, Crit Dmg Reduc or Critical Damage Reduction %

*Note: The only time that Legacy of Discord gives Cooldown Reduction for skills is through enhancing your skills at levels 15 and 80. Any other instance of CDR and CDR% is the hidden Critical Damage Reduction statistic, and any other instance of CD and CD% is the hidden Critical Damage statistic.

Keep in mind that those 4 stats will ALWAYS be percentage stats (%). They are never meant to increase a flat amount, and even if the game does not include the ‘%’ sign, it is because it is omitted by the interface.

Hidden stats in Legacy of Discord

A character may encounter those stats in many instances of the game, some of them are shown below through in-game screenshots:
Gems (one of the most important features for hidden stats)

Pet affinities

Wrathwing Amplify
(another crucial feature, also giving you the option to prioritize what you wish)

Pet Grace

Pet Awaken Faction Effects

And from many other menus like the recently-added Promotion or some equipment features like Augment, Refine or Enhance bonuses, Twilight sets, Metamorphs, Relics, Mount divinities and much more.

One would need plenty of time to sit down and track all the additions of those 4 hidden stats on his character.
Critical Damage is visible on the character sheet as of now, let’s hope that the rest of the stats will be added in a later update for everyone to see.


Everyone has encountered someone complain, saying: “How did I lose to this guy? He is 1 billion BR lower than me yet I lost. How is this possible?”
Well, there are many factors that affect the above result and the hidden stats are the greatest. Therefore the lesson that we learn today is that: BR is NOT everything.
While BR helps a lot by increasing base stats and prioritizing your character to many events or cross-server battles, it is surely not the only component to the winning formula in regards to raw character power.

Apart from the hidden stats, other factors also play a very important role in raw character strength, like the Special (or 6-dimensional) statistics (Block, Dodge, Hit, Pierce, Resilience, Critical), as well as obtaining rare items with special abilities like the Elysios/Wrath wings, Anzu or Rage etc.
Effectively updating your skills with Runes and increasing your talents with Seals are also very important. Many other things which will be discussed in other guides.

The hidden stats play a huge role to the outcome of a close battle, and this will be proven below.

Hidden stats formulas

The hidden stats are a multiplier of damage or damage reduction and this is crucial to know when building a character. Critical Damage Reduction % proactively reduces the opponents Critical Damage %. Formula for Critical Damage is (1+Crit. Damage %+0.5) * Base Damage. 0.5 is the embedded Critical Damage multiplier given by the game, which is a 50% damage increase in case your character crits, without any added bonuses and can never be reduced by the opponent’s Critical Damage Reduction %.

If your total Critical Damage reduction is 143% for example, and your opponent has 80% Critical Damage shown on his character sheet, you reduce his Critical Damage % to 0%, it can never go below that. However, if he deals a Critical strike to you, he will deal 1,5 times his Base damage because of the embedded x0.5 multiplier that can never be nullified.

For the Extra Damage %, the formula acts in a similar way, as follows: (1+Extra Damage %) * Base Damage. With that in mind, Damage Reduction also offsets the Extra Damage of your opponent the same way it happens for Critical Damage and Critical Damage Reduction.

A very important part of the formula is that if the damage you deal is a critical, then the formula with Extra Damage and Critical Damage is a multiplication, not an addition. The formula is as follows:
( (1+Extra Damage %) * (1+ Critical Damage % + 0.5) ) * Base Damage

This means that having a consistent flow of Extra Damage % to your character is equally vital as the addition of your Critical Damage %, if not more important. Damage Reduction % and Critical Damage Reduction % works exactly the same way and are of major importance for damage prevention when facing other players in PvP matches.

Now, many players that will read this guide on the hidden stats will say that Reduction stats do not have any effect if the opponent has no extra damage applied. Many would expect reduction stats to have a certain formula that connects them with the Defense stats of a character, but this is not the case.
Reduction % stats simply offset Damage % stats, and they do not have a formula of their own.


Keep in mind that it is even harder to calculate damage done. Even after you calculate your own damage precisely, you can never utterly explore the opponent’s hidden stats and defenses.However, having all this information in mind will help you understand how important are each of those stats. They should not be neglected when building your character.

Wrathwing Amplify is a very important feature for hidden stats as of now. I suggest that you focus on amplifying certain wings rather than upgrading all at once. Prioritizing the ones which give you the stats that your character lacks. Extra and Critical damage are interconnected with a multiplication immediately makes the Critical chance of a character a top priority. It would be wise to focus a bit more on your Critical and Resilience stats. Without neglecting the other Specials of course.

Wings like the Wrath tier 12 or the Twilight Weapon ability have a chance to completely negate Dodge and Block stats. Making Resilience even more worthwhile. However, let’s not forget that Dodge is a statistic that can completely prevent a source of damage. Block can provide you with even more damage prevention and disgusting healing abilities through the Twilight necklace or pants. Both in Sky realm and in normal PvP matches.

In the end, it is all about the direction that you want to give to your character. In my opinion, balance is everything, but prioritizing something with a head start can give you excellent results.

If you have any questions about this guide on the hidden stats we will be more than happy to help. You are welcome to join in our group PRESS HERE. Or contact administrators. You can also find us on Facebook!