Guide on the Dark Tower in Legacy of Discord

Hello everyone, this is a Guide on the Dark Tower in Legacy of Discord, it will help you complete the Dark Tower with less effort than normal.
Enquiries for passing Dark Tower levels are one of the most frequent requests coming from our playerbase, so I thought it would be a great idea to share my strategies on this feature with all of you.

*If you are an experienced player and you want to skip much of the guide, go down to the [FOR EXPERIENCED PLAYERS] section.

First of all, let me make something clear. However good your strategies are, if your pets do not reach adequate levels you will have a hard time progressing in the Dark Tower.
I will present several tips and strategies regarding this feature but you also have to know that leveling up your Awakened Pets is of vital importance.
I truly believe that spending 300 diamonds daily to reset the Dark Tower (apart from its initial Free Claim) is highly recommended, especially for the first 1-2 months, regardless of your daily diamond intake and arena rank.
The Dark Tower awaken bonuses give you Extra Damage/Damage Reduction, Base stats, percentage additions, Special stats and cool pet stones moving around your character, so why hamper its progress?

The Dark Tower feature

The Dark Tower is a feature that came in Legacy of Discord in November, 2017.
It contains 6 towers of increasing difficulty level. When a player completes one of the towers, he may claim daily rewards based on the highest tower cleared.
The rewards of the Dark Tower IV, V and an incomplete tower VI are shown below as an example:

As you can see, the Awaken/Boosting/Pet stones received daily from the feature are highly dependent on the highest tower you have cleared with your character.
In this example, even if I have cleared 11 floors of Tower VI (which is considered the most difficult tower), I would never choose to receive the daily rewards from that tower because they are far less than the Tower V that I have completed.
When I fully clear Tower VI or if I reach a stage that will allow me to reap better rewards than the previous (usually that stage is 22 and up), then I can choose to receive rewards from Tower VI.

Pet and Boosting stones are used to evolve the level of your pets and increase their Boost level. Before this feature, those stones were very rare, but now many players have had the opportunity to increase their Pet levels much easier and without struggling to find those stones.
Awaken Stones are sorted into Advanced/Awaken Source (orange) and Superior/Divinity Source (red) stones.
Those are used to increase the Awaken level of your pets, along with fragments of those pets. Orange stones are needed for Purple and Blue pets, while Red stones are used for Orange and Red pets.

The only way you may progress faster in the Dark Tower is by effectively increasing the Awaken level of your pets.
Ascending the Dark Tower levels faster means that you will reap better daily rewards.
This is the reason why I would suggest everyone to reset the Dark Tower daily, even if it costs 300 diamonds to do so, at least for a short while. The bonuses for your character are great and you will expedite your progress.

The Awaken level of your pets gives stats to your character, but it also increases that pet’s fighting potential inside the Dark Tower as a separate function.
Below you can see the bonuses that a level 20 (max) Feoxur would give to your character. The Basic Attribute tab is the one that depicts the bonuses given to your character, while the Dark Tower tab depicts the stats of that pet inside the Tower, and it has nothing to do with the stats given to your Character.

Apart from these bonuses, it would be good to know that increasing the Awaken level of the pet also increases that pet’s Awaken Stone, which adds a percentage of Extra Damage % or Damage Reduction % to a certain instance for your character, as shown below:

This means that a Feoxur with 20 levels in Awaken will also give a bonus of 31.8% DMG (Extra Damage) and 31.8% DR (Damage Reduction) to your character while doing Deathmatch, and only Deathmatch.
Other pets might give bonuses to other Factions, which means bonuses to different instances, as shown below:

As you have all guessed by now, Pet Awakening sorts all pets into 5 Factions:
Sacred, Evil, Cai, Beast and Shade.
Each pet in the Awaken interface belongs to only one of the above, and will provide Faction bonuses only to that one.

Now, it is imperative to know that each of these Factions counter another, when faced against each other in the Dark Tower. The screenshot below will help you understand how this mechanism is applied:

Since in the Dark Tower you are constantly trying to defeat Bosses in every floor, the above picture means that if for example the Boss you are fighting is in the Sacred Faction, it is best to use (if available) Shade faction pets that have the highest damage multiplier against Sacred bosses.
However, as you can see there are also Blue arrows, which determine an average bonus multiplier. This means that this relationship between Factions is not as strong as the one with the Yellow arrows, but you can still take advantage of it.
Now, this works the opposite way as well. If you try to put an Evil pet to fight against a Sacred boss, you will realise it is taking too much damage than others, because it will be weak to that boss due to the Faction relationships.

The Faction Counter-Relationships will be greatly used to determine our choice of pets in every Dark Tower floor.
It is the most generic strategy we may use and it will work for everyone, as long as the pets are adequately leveled.

Fighting in the Dark Tower

Before you start fighting in the Dark Tower, your character needs to have reached level 80 and have awakened at least 2 pets.
In the Dark Tower interface, you may see the floors on the left side (along with the Daily button on the bottom, you can claim daily rewards from there).
In the middle of that screen, you are seeing the stats and Faction of the Boss you will be fighting next, and on the right side, you will see 3 slots where you may place your pets strategically for that fight.

The Green and Red arrows on the Pets inserted point out if that Pet will deal more and receive less damage from the Boss (positive relationship – Green Arrow) or deal less and receive more damage from the Boss (negative relationship – Red Arrow).
It would be of great benefit to you if you have plenty of pets awakened, so that your choices can vary depending on the level. Seeing Green arrows in all 3 slots is the most optimal setup.

The 3 slots above do not really align with the position that those pets will actually take in the fight. The screenshot below will help you understand what pet goes where depending on the slot placed:

Placing Strategies

The pet that will be placed in the middle of the screen (right box) will generally need to be a bit tankier than others.
Dark Tower itself usually attacks it first, and it is usually the first to die. This is why it needs to be sturdier so as to get hit as more times as possible and prevent damage to your other Damage-dealing pets.

Tanky pets in the Dark Tower does not necessarily mean that they are the ones that you have leveled up the most.
The Pet Awaken feature has inherently made some pets a bit sturdier than others, at the cost of damage though. Those pets are the Healing pets, which have the ability to heal 10% of all the other pets in the fight.
Below we can see the Dark Tower stats of a max-leveled Feoxur and max-leveled Vaszon (Vaszon is a healing pet/tank):

Feoxur (Crit-based dps pet)

Those 2 pets are both Epic (purple) quality and are both at the same (max) level. However, Vaszon happens to have 85800 HP and 8580 PDEF/MDEF more than Feoxur. However, his ATK is 8580 less.
Vaszon has the skill: “Deal %DMG and heal all ally Pets for 10% of their max HP”
If you search your Pet Awaken interface, you will realise that all pets that have this ability are more tanky than their counterparts.
The Tank pets as of writing this guide are:
..and they have to be placed in the right box for most of the floors, depending on the Boss’ Faction of course.

The screenshot below will briefly explain what kind of pets should each slot have, for a quick reference:

Generally, you should know that in the Dark Tower, the boss (unless it is a high Skill DMG boss) will attack with the following sequence:
Normal Attack -> Normal Attack -> Blast Attack (double damage) ->
Normal Attack -> Normal Attack -> Blast Attack (double damage) ->
Normal Attack -> Normal Attack -> Normal Attack -> Blast Attack (double damage)

Now, most of the times the boss will land hits 1 / 3(double dmg) / 4 / 6(double dmg) to your Tank pet placed in the right slot. If it doesn’t, you can always restart the floor.
This means that, if your pet would somehow manage to have more than 75% HP or more after the Boss’ first hit, it is likely to take 4 Boss attacks on itself!
This is a tremendous Boss damage absorbtion by a single pet, which will allow your other 2 pets to continue damaging it for longer, until you eventually beat the floor.

The left slot should contain pets that counter the Boss’ skill and are leveled the highest, because it is their ability that you are going to spam in the whole fight.
This strategy does not make things difficult for you. The only ability that you need to spam in the fight is from the pet you placed on the left box (right of the screen in battle).
Those pets only need to have 67% HP or more after the first hit, so level them up until they can reach that limit. This means they can withstand 3 full hits with a bit more than 0-1% HP and die on the fourth hit.
*NOTE: Keep in mind that for Bosses vulnerable to Magic Damage, you do not necessarily need to put Magic Damage pets. Try putting some Critical-based pets against it, they work wonders!

The top slot is the least important slot because it is simply a filler, you put there whatever is left. You will never use the left slot’s pet ability, because it is not needed. The strongest ability is the one from your right pet, and your energy will be just enough to spam that one.
*NOTE: Haverus is an excellent pet for that slot when against Sacred, Cai or Shade bosses. Haverus is the ONLY pet that generates more energy than all the other pets, due to his abnormal attack animation. His ability is not strong, but you only need it for his energy regeneration through normal attacks. This extra energy will be used to cast Haverus’ skill once in the fight as an extra skill, without delaying the skill or sacrificing energy from your left slot’s pet.
Make sure this pet is also leveled enough to have 67% HP or more after the Boss hits it once. This will allow it to survive 3 attacks and die on the fourth.

I have compiled a table below that can guide you as to what pets you can use in each of the slots, taking into account the Boss trait and faction.

Things to note:
1. The pet in the Right slot (Tank) has to be leveled enough to survive the first hit of the Boss with 75% HP or more. You may try to pass the level if it has 67% or more too. Switch between the recommended pets on the Table above until one of them has adequate levels.
2. The pets in the Left (DPS) or Top (filler) slots have to be leveled enough to survive the first hit of the Boss with 67% HP or more. Switch between the recommended pets on the Table above until one of them has adequate levels.
3a. Any pet that is listed EARLIER in a box is a BETTER choice than the next one mentioned.
3b. When you see a Faction as the recommended pet, it simply means that you can use any other pet available from that Faction.
4. Sometimes it will be better to try the Pets written on the Easy column first. It might fight better than its Hard counterpart.
The Hard column simply implies that this Pet is harder to unlock/awaken, not necessarily that it will fight better for that occasion.
5. First place your pets on the Right slot, then on the Left slot and work with whatever pets are left for the Top slot.
6. Prioritize your highest-leveled pets on the Left slot instead of the Top slot.
7. Always spam the ability of the pet in your Left slot. You will have energy to cast Haverus’ skill for one time extra only if you have Haverus in your party.
8. If you have awakened both Vaszon and Vaporizer and the Table above recommends both of them but you choose Vaporizer because it is harder to awaken, you are mistaken! Inspect them and check their Dark Tower stats first! It is more likely that your Vaszon will be stronger and have better stats than your Vaporizer, simply because it can be leveled up easier! Apply this advice to the whole table.
9. Purple pets can be leveled easier and their fragments are easily available in Legacy of Discord. The ease of awakening them will prove them your greatest allies in the whole Pet Awaken feature.
Try and level them up as fast as possible! They will rush your Towers better than the Yellow or Red pets!

Alternate Strategy: Many times you will find that you may pass a floor by putting 1-2 healing pets on the sides too, instead of only in the middle of the screen.
While you may pass the level with 2 healing (tank) pets, it is mostly very dependent on Energy and the above method works better overall than the healing one.
However, if your level allows you to have Haverus in your party, you may also combine him with 2 more healing pets and try your luck.

This was a long one but I hope the information that I provided was very useful to you all.

If you have any questions or need help, we will be happy to help you. You are welcome in our group, CLICK HERE. Or contact the site administrators. I would like to let you know that you can also find us on Facebook!