Hello again, guide on the Special stats will explain into depth the mechanics of the Special Stats in Legacy of Discord.


Keep in mind that the information below are not officially released by GTA, but it is a rather valiant effort by me to explain mathematically how the special stats are calculated.
All the formulas presented below are proven by testing different characters for thousands of attacks aimed at each other. The validation process involved having a pool of many compatible formulas, and only one of those should be correct.

To find the true formula, I had to cross-check that the instances occured by each statistic from the thousands of attacks, matched the percentages given by one of the compatible formulas, which would obviously be the correct one.

A great deal of the testing occured by dueling with the below characters:

The peculiarity of their stats allowed me to reach my conclusions faster. And yes, that girl owns Elysios!
The testing involved around 50 duels between the above, with approximately 172 attacks in each fight.

Apart from those characters, I also recorded 15 clips of characters of various BR and specials, to prove that my formulas are indeed correct in different scenarios.
Keep in mind that for a total of 66 videos recorded, some of them were 2 minutes, others 5 and others even 15 minutes each.
I had to pause every second just to write down whether the character landed a hit, dodged/blocked, made a critical etc.

It was a long and strenuous process, but I am glad it paid off at the end.

The Special Stats

The Special Stats (or 6-d stats) are comprised of 6 statistics, which are all shown on the Character Screen for everyone to see.
Those are: Hit, Dodge, Pierce, Block, Critical and Resilience. When tapping on the ‘Stats Info’ button on your Character menu in the Info tab, you may read a quick explanation of each statistic in the game. The Special Stats are explained at the end too.

Only the Block statistic is not explained, possibly by accident. Block increases the chance to block an enemy’s attack and receive less damage than normal.
IMPORTANT 1: Blocking reduces incoming damage by 50%.
IMPORTANT 2: When you block, it does not mean that your opponent did not CRIT. You will simply block half of his Critical damage, but the screen will never show that it was a Crit, it will just write ”Block”.
IMPORTANT 3: ELEMENTAL HITS CAN BE CRITICALS! But they will never write Critical on them. They will always be shown as increased damage of Frost, Fire or Lightning triggers.
IMPORTANT 4: There is a hidden statistic called ”Elemental Trigger”, and has nothing to do with your skills’ ELE trigger chance. It is the inherent trigger chance of a character to deal Elemental Damage triggers from normal attacks.
*Point 4 will be discussed at a later guide, which will explain Elemental procs.

We all had the vague idea that the Special Stats act as a mediator in PvP battles, to determine the chances a character has to land its hits, pierce, block, dodge, crit or avoid being critted. What is not well explained, is that no chance of those stats can be determined if there is not an opponent to compare your stats to. What the above sentence means is that you cannot simply watch at your character screen and say ”I have 38% chance to deal a Critical hit.” All percentages by the above stats, and consequently added to your character, are dynamic, and are eventually determined only by having an opponent facing you, measuring your Special Stats with his.

BR plays absolutely no role in determining a chance of a Special Stat for a character. Even if a player is 10 billion BR behind another, but his Resilience is higher than the other’s Critical, then the chances of the higher BR player dealing a Critical to the lower will most probably be non-existent. However, this does not mean that Special Stat chances cannot be altered by other factors. Examples of those are: the Twilight Set, the Talents, the Equipment Awaken function, and many others, which have certain examples that are actively changing the chances of someone’s Special stats.

Another important thing about Special Stats which is not really known, is that the game itself does not make 6 + 6 calculations (6 per character, 1 for each of its specials) when trying to determine the chance of each special stat when two characters fight.
Just like the Hidden Stats, where DR% and CDR% act only as offset variables (or reducers) to the calculations of ED% and CD%, the same thing happens to the Special Stats.

Therefore, the game takes into account the 3 following calculations per character when trying to determine the chance of the Special Stats:
1. My Dodge against the enemy Hit
2. My Block against the enemy Pierce
3. My Critical against the enemy Resilience

The game does not for example take into account ”my Hit against the enemy Dodge”. But it takes into account ”his Dodge against my Hit”, to determine obviously the opponent’s Dodge chance against me.
With that in mind, we can determine Dodge, Block and Critical as the Primary Special Stats, and Hit, Pierce and Resilience as the Complementary Special Stats.
It should be noted that both Primary and Complementary Special Stats are equally important, and those are just titles given to those stats for the sake of this guide, to clarify the way the game calculates those stats.

Since the foundation regarding special stat calculus has been set, we can now proceed with unveiling the exact formulas for those calculations.
The formula for a special statistic is as follows:

(myPrimarySpecial-enemyComplementarySpecial) / (myPrimarySpecial+10000)
example: (myDodge-enemyHit) / (myDodge+10000)

*NOTE: when the result is less than 0, it immediately becomes 0.

The ‘+10000’ addition is what makes any special statistic impossible to reach a pure 100% value. It can go as high as 99.**, but never reaching 100%.
The result is a percentage, so if the value found is 0.59, then you multiply with 100 and find 59%.

Now, this is where the previous knowledge of the Special Stats reached according to the Chinese authors, but is this really where it ends?
To delve into the matter further, let’s start comparing the two characters below:

Now, if we tried to take the Sorceress Hit stat and remove the Bladedancer’s Dodge stat from it, the Sorceress would receive negative values, thus practically having 0% to hit!
This is why only the Primary stats initiate the calculation, and the Complementary Stats act as reducers.

According to the above stats, we will calculate the Dodge chance that the Bladedancer has against the Sorceress’ Hit:
(806537-743634) / (806537+10000) = 62903 / 816537 = 0.077 => 7.7% Dodge

Right, now we have a number, a percentage. We can now assume that the Bladedancer dodges 7.7% of attacks. But is this really what is happening?

After all my numerous tests, I have found out that this number is way off the actual occurence of the Dodge chance in this case.
This is because there are more calculations, and more variables to take into account, to find the true chance of Dodge or Block.

The testing of the alt characters shown at the top of this guide, led me to the conclusion that the chance to hit of a character depends on the distributed values of the Dodge and Block statistics of the enemy.
In short, Dodge and Block statistics are dynamically split based on the ratio of a character’s Dodge and Block, creating a new variable statistic which we will call Agility.

Therefore, the formula above does not actually find the actual chance to dodge/block etc of a character, but rather gives us a factor (in %) of the stat that we are trying to calculate.
Agility is the word to describe the ratio of a characters Dodge and Block compared to its opponent’s Hit and Pierce.

The Agility formula is as follows:

(myDodgeFACTOR+myBlockFACTOR) / 2

That’s right, it looks easy. That is, until you finally discover that the game reserves half the chance to be hit for the dodge statistic, and the other half for the block statistic.
If your Dodge factor is 76%, but your Block factor is 0%, you will not dodge attacks 76% of the time, but (76%+0%)/2 = 38%.

IMPORTANT: The above statement reaches us to the conclusion that Block and Dodge should be on par with each other or be distributed to try and achieve a sweet spot depending if you want to Dodge or Block more often, because each of those stats affect the chance to be occured by half and lacking a stat affects the chance of the other.
Of course, even if your dodge and block stats are more or less equal, there will always be the opponent you are facing, where his Pierce and Hit stats might alter the equation in other ways.

Critical is not calculated the same way, as it is more straightforward by not having any other stat contesting its chance.
If we can find the actual chance to Hit, the Critical Factor can be multiplied with the Hit chance to find the true Critical Chance of that Hit percentage.

The Chance to Hit of a character is found like this:

100% – enemyAgility

If for example our enemy has an Agility of 23%, our total chance to hit against him is 100-23% = 77%.
And if our Critical chance is 8%, this means we will deal criticals for 8% of our 77% Hits (actual critical chance: 8% * 77% = 6.16%).

Thus, the true Critical Chance formula is as follows:

((100% – enemyAgility) + enemyBlock%) * myCriticalFACTOR

We add the Block factor of the enemy, because Blocked hits can also be criticals, it does not matter if it is not shown on screen.

Dodge and Block Ratios

If you compare a very strong character to a weak one, you will find that it might have 97% Dodge Factor and 95% to Block Factor, so how does the game determine if you dodge or block an attack, since both of them are near 100%?
For this calculation, is why we also need to find the Dodge and Block Ratios of a character.
Those will determine which statistic is being prioritized by taking into account the spread of Dodge and Block on your character and then reducing the opponent’s Hit and Pierce.

The Dodge Ratio is found as follows:
(myDodge – enemyHit) / ((myDodge-enemyHit)+(myBlock-enemyPierce))

The Block Ratio is found as follows:
(myBlock – enemyPierce) / ((myBlock-enemyPierce)+(myDodge-enemyHit))

If the results of the above are more than 1, they immediately become 1.
If the results of the above are less than 0, they immediately become 0.
The result is a percentage, so if the value found is 0.59, then you multiply with 100 and find 59%.

Now that we know the Dodge and Block Ratios, we can actually find the actual chance to Dodge and Block of a character, by multiplying each of them with the character’s Agility, as follows:

Actual chance to Dodge:

myAgility * myDodgeRatio

Actual chance to Block:

myAgility * myBlockRatio

Special Stat Calculator

I will not tire you with formulas any longer, as we have almost approached the end of this guide’s journey.

With all this knowledge in mind, I have compiled a very handy tool that will allow you to use this knowledge without needing a piece of paper and a pen everytime you want to calculate your Special Stats against an opponent’s.

You may receive the Special Stat Calculator below, as I have attached it to this guide.
Or you can work on it online, by visiting this link.
You can only replace the colored boxes.

Exhibiting the Calculator

Let’s try and use this tool to measure the Special Stats of two opponents together, and find their special chances against each other.
For the purposes of this guide, the calculation will feature Loki of server EU-782 and Davidmage of server EU-444 by presenting their Special Stats as of 07/03/2018.
Those two characters are among the best in Europe, having not only high BR progress but also a huge amount of Special and Hidden stats compared to other high BR players.

Do not be deceived by the BR difference. Loki is a newer character but the investment to his character is much bigger in relation to his play time.
However, Davidmage is an older character, and although his BR might seem less, his Gem feature and Hidden Stat allocation are naturally strong.

Putting their special stats into the calculator, we can see that Loki’s hit chance against Davidmage is 93.91%, and Davidmage’s Hit chance against Loki is 97.38%
Out of those hits, Loki will crit for 6.93% of them while Davidmage will crit for 13.29% of his hits.
Loki has a 0% to dodge during their fight, so he won’t be seeing any ”Dodge” on his screen. His chance to block is 2.62%.
Davidmage has also some Block chance, and can block 6.09% of Loki’s attacks. His Dodge chance against Loki is 0% as well.


Now, keep in mind that the above calculations take into account purely the Special Stat allocation of each character.
If for example a character has 0% to Dodge against another it does NOT mean that he will never see a ”Dodge” on his screen, and this is because the Special Stats and chances of each character are ALSO dynamically altered by talents, item skills, features, etc.
For example, those talents can change those stats during a fight, after casting the respective abilities:

When you are trying to test this calculator, try and take into account all the parameters involved before you make the assumption that it gives the wrong results.
I have made most of my testing with characters that do not get advantages to Special Chances through other features, but that might not be the case with your characters.

I hope this guide will help all members of the community reveal the character’s weaknesses in the stages against the other opponent who still worries you. If you have any questions or need help, we will be happy to help you. You are welcome in our group, CLICK HERE. Or contact the site administrators. I would like to let you know that you can also find us on Facebook!