Dear players, this thread contains a specific Divine Armory Strategy in Legacy of Discord, a feature which got implemented some time ago but it has certainly become one of the most important ones, due to its potential to add a lot of rare stats to a character.

However, this post is about showing you how to optimally increase the levels of each Weapon Skill and how to distribute your Weapon Souls in a way that will benefit you the most.


You first have to know that each Ultima Weapon has 5 outter slots and a middle one. Each of the outter slots offer different base or rare percentage statistics. The middle slot is the only one however that adds the Giant’s Might or Savage Endurance modifiers.

It is therefore important to keep in mind, that it is not necessary to keep leveling every outter slot at equal level with the rest, just so you keep it balanced with the middle one.
This feature perfectly allows you to distribute your Weapon Souls to the outter slots any way you want.
However, the middle slot (which adds the Giant’s Might / Savage Endurance modifiers) can never surpass the lowest level of an outter slot.
Example: The only way that you can make the middle slot level 10 is by making all the other outter slots at least level 10.

There are two factors that we have to take into account:
1. The Giant’s Might / Savage Endurance increase through the middle circle
2. Isolated increase of particular statistics in one or more of the outter slots

Keep in mind that the top and the top right slots contain the DR% and ED% rare statistics respectively.
Throughout our playtime in Legacy of Discord, we have realised how much more important those statistics are compared to CDR% or the CD% statistics.

It would be therefore wise to focus a bit more on those 2 slots, as shown below:

Now, many players may call the Giant’s Might or Savage Endurance modifiers (G/S for short) fake or ”fluff” BR as they call it.
While I agree that it can add a lot of unnecessary HP which can in some way distort your BR to raw power ratio, it also adds a lot of the ATK statistic which is of paramount importance.
To put it simply, there should be a line at some point which you should not cross while you mindlessly increase the ED% and DR% circles. At some point on, it would be better to start increasing your G/S middle circle rather than putting more of your souls on the ED% and DR% circles, and this is the point of this post. To promote a ratio which I have found to be really optimal in terms of advancing in this feature.

I have made several spreadsheets which allowed me to find that an optimal ratio of the current feature is to have your ED% and DR% circle levels about 2.5 times higher than your G/S middle circle.
This would not only give you optimal ED% and DR% additions at your point in time with a reasonable cost, but will have also provided you with enough HP and ATK additions exactly for what they are worth. Keep in mind that in those additions, all the other CD%, CDR% and bonuses from level completion or other stats have been included. Do not forget that for each 5 levels of your middle circle, you also receive some bonus rare stats which partly compensate the base statistic BR that you will receive by raising the middle circle.

Now, if you decide to get some more BR because you need it for a cross-server event, or you might decide that you really want to focus on the ED% and DR% circles, I think anything between a 2-3 ratio would be benevolent for your character build.
Example: ED% and DR% circles at level 35
G/S middle circle at level 35/2.5 = 14 (of course, you will aim for level 15, as this is where you get a lot more bonuses in comparison to what you have spent)

You may follow the same way of thinking to any of the current levels of your ED% and DR% slots.
Note that if there is any other slot that you should increase in isolation of the rest apart from the ED% or DR% slots, my opinion is that the CDR% and PDEF% slot on the bottom left is the next best choice.

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