The Divine Armor feature got released on October 2019, moments prior to the Anniversary event of the same year.
It is a pretty straightforward feature and can give a good number of rare stats to a character.

Divine Armor

Initially, a player should activate all the armor pieces. However, all equipment should first reach Rank 8 in order to activate and gives free stats just from this process alone. Ranking up equipment is an old feature in Legacy of Discord and Rank 8 to each armor piece should be easily attainable even for younger players. After that, once you rank all your equipment pieces in this feature to 5, you can also wear them as a new costume and enjoy their appearance everywhere.


The Divine Armor socket feature allows the player to socket Clarity gems in its slots for an extra boost to Holy Damage, which is still a hard-earned rare statistic. Clarity gems can get expensive, but Holy Damage/Reduction are also stats that are not provided easily in the game, so some focus should be put on that.

As a general rule, getting 6% Holy Damage/Reduction by equipping five Level 5 Clarity gems in all slots is recommended at first. The bonuses of Holy Damage/Reduction are additive when equipping higher-level Clarities later.

Divine Armor talents


The Divine Armor talents is a menu that only provides stats that give basic BR, so it is not as important as the rest. Keep in mind that you can choose 2 of the 3 circles in each row, so prioritize on the ones that give ATK (or ELE) always. Spending the Jade of Prayers resource to increase its levels by a bit is a good way of adding some extra BR to your character, but it is not worth committing that much to it.

Equipment Rank up feature

Equipment Rank Up gives the most important additions in this feature, as it can give plenty of rare stats even at the start. Materials needed to increase its ranks became first available during the game’s Anniversary event in 2019 and will continue to be sold at later events as well. Make sure you level everything equally in this feature so you can reap the Total Damage/Reduction rewards as efficiently as possible. Increasing your Crystal rank as you go will also give you plenty of rare statistics, but this will happen by slowly upgrading your equipment in this feature.

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