Dimensional Hunt Guide in Legacy of Discord!

Hello everyone, the Dimensional Hunt is an excellent event introduced in Legacy of Discord.
When someone first enters the event icon, he/she can see the following:

You have two options:

1. Spend 100 diamond to roll 1 die (move forward 1-6 positions depending on the die)
2. Spend 1000 diamonds to roll 10 dice (move forward as above, but 10 times the amount)
The sum of the dice that you roll is multiplied by 30 and will be added to your event points immediately.

When you move forward, you might either:
1. Stop at a green box. Reward: Receive 100 Notes as a reward.
2. Stop at a blue box with a Merchant on it. Reward: Allow the merchant to activate new purchases from the event’s Mystery Shop or even make new additions to existing available items.
3. Stop at a red box with a Demon on it. Reward: Add a demon to your storage that you might kill at any time however you wish for extra Notes or rewards. Every red box you step onto, you will receive 3 available hit attempts for the Demon.
4. Stop at a yellow box with a Fairy on it. The Fairy can also be stored like the Demon, and it allows you to answer a question. If you answer incorrectly, the reward is 100 Notes. If you answer correctly, the reward varies, but it is mostly 150 Notes.
5. Stop at an orange box with a Portal on it. This Portal can also be stored like the Demon or the Fairy, and allows you to use it at anytime you see fit. It simply gives you a free movement die upon activation (1-6 positions forward).
6. Stop at a prismatic box with a Singularity on it. The Singularity immediately transforms itself to one of the above events and has its respective actions.

You can see how some of these events above look like from the example screenshots below:

Portal                    Singularity                Fairy

This event has 2 shops that are of major importance.

The first shop is the Dimensional Shop, where you can spend your Dimensional Notes upon reception from any movement you make or event that you complete. The good thing about it is that it has a wide variety of items not easily obtained in the game’s current events, some examples are 5-star Metamorph and the Hyper Drone piece fragments. However, the bad thing about it is that it is not so efficient as the Mystery Merchant in terms of getting the Hyper Drone pieces.

The second shop is the Mystery Merchant, who sells Seals/Raging Souls/Mystic Pouches/Steel Plates/Magic Souls and the amazing Hyper Drone fragments at a really good price. You should know that everything that is obtained by this merchant is the most optimal way to receive an item from this event, even the Hyper Drone Pieces. You should be buying the desired amount of Hyper Drone pieces from this shop the moment they become available after you step on a blue box that has a Merchant on it and it activates you this item.

The rest of the 5 items are up to you to purchase. Raging souls or Mystic Pouches can be pretty useless, but the rest can offer great assistance to a Guardian and they are at a really good price.

General advice:

1. If you want to move forward, it is always advisable to use the 1000 diamond option, as it has been proven to give better Note income and results than simply moving with the 100 diamonds (1 die).

2. This event is particularly good for allowing 1000 players to come into the rankings. Only the top position receives double rewards, the players ranked from 2-1000 all get the same reward, so it would not be advisable to sweat it that much in terms of diamond spending. Make sure you achieve a top 1000 ranking as close to a Stage reward as possible, that way you will optimize your earnings. The points you have earned for this event are shown in the top right. Do not forget that you can cover any remaining points for ranking in the event through spending diamonds on various items in the Mystery Merchant.

3. Wherever you are during the event, you may use your stored events at any time you wish, be it Portal, Fairy or Demon. They will continue to stack when you receive more of them, so do not worry if you leave them for later, there is absolutely no repercussion by doing that. You can see where the stored events are in the screenshot below.

4. It would be best to do the Free Attacks every time you fight the Demon. It will guarantee you 100-140 Notes to spend however you want in the Dimensional shop, while the reward by spending 100 diamonds can vary and might not be worthy of your expenses every attack.

5. This is the most important tip. Know that for every diamond you spend on the Mystery Merchant, your points for ranking in the event are increased by 1. This means that you can easily get a stage reward simply by spending your diamonds in the Merchant Shop, which also has the best offers available. Even getting the Drone pieces from the Merchant are way cheaper in comparison to getting them through Notes by stepping forward endlessly and then spending Notes in the Dimensional Shop.

For this reason, it is best to move forward with your 1000 diamonds until you find yourself on top of a Merchant box (blue) that will activate the Drone pieces in the Merchant shop. Now, this is where it gets tricky, because luck becomes the biggest factor for every Guardian here. Some players might find only 1 in stock, some others might find 50. Obviously the more the better, because this is really the best way to increase your ranking and makes you more flexible by spending diamonds on the Drone pieces offered by the Mystery Merchant.
If you are unlucky and find only a few number of Drone pieces when you first activate them, do not despair. You can let the game restock randomly for you, but you first have to empty the Merchant of all the available Drone pieces that he has to offer. Afterwards, when you step on another Merchant box you have the opportunity (if you are lucky) to activate the Drone pieces again, and restock the shop with those in a random fashion.

Best advice: Mystery Merchant > Rolling dice.

Below I enlisted a compendium of most of the questions offered by the Fairy on the yellow box.
I will list the correct response to each of the questions and also the rewards offered to each when answering correctly.
There are some questions that I have found until now, that when answered correctly, offer 150 Raging Souls. Those have to be answered wrongly in my opinion, as getting 100 Notes is better than that. I will put those 3 questions first in my list:

Correct answer reward: 150 Raging Souls (wrong response recommended)

Correct answer reward: 150 Dimensional Notes (from now on, all responses can be correct)

Correct answer reward: 150 Seals

Correct answer reward: 50 Steel Plates

Correst answer reward: 6 Magic Soul gems

Correct answer reward: 1 Diamond Pack (200 diamonds)

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