Cyberpunk 2077 Builds: Most Carnage (Shotgun) Character Information Weapons Perks

In this Cyberpunk 2077 Construct Information I’ll be exhibiting you my Most Carnage Construct which is a Construct that makes use of the Shotgun Carnage to utterly shred enemies with pellets, even from medium distances. Should you’ve been searching for a approach to make use of a Shotgun successfully, however haven’t been profitable, you then’ll wish to take a look at this Information.

Cyberpunk 2077 Builds: Most Carnage (Shotgun) Character Information Weapons Perks

The Most Carnage Construct that takes benefit of the Shotgun: Carnage, which is the pound for pound king of Shotguns with regards to injury per shot. What makes Carnage totally different from most different Shotguns is that it fires double the pellets (20) per set off pull, whereas most different Shotguns fireplace 10 or much less. The Iconic Shotgun: The Headsman additionally does as  properly, nevertheless it must be crafted, and has different drawbacks like holding one much less spherical. The Carnage will be obtained quite simply, after a fast boss combat.

The best way this Construct works is that you just’ll stack injury discount, Armor and Well being regen and go into fight Terminator type blasting everybody in your path. You’ll get stronger and stronger after every kill due to Chilly Blood, making issues die quicker and quicker, and you are taking much less and fewer injury.

Moreover, Carnage completely knocks enemies on their ass even from medium distances, disrupting their assaults on you. And, plenty of instances, if in case you have a Carnage with a injury kind that may set Burning or Poisoned, they’ll simply bleed out whereas laying their in the event that they didn’t die from the preliminary shot. The one downside to this Construct is that reloading takes a very long time, and also you’ll want to seek out some cowl whereas reloading.

Most Carnage Attributes

The Attributes wanted for this Construct are Physique and Cool, although I wish to put some factors into Intelligence as properly. Physique is required to will increase your Well being and Stamina, in addition to grant you entry to Athletics and Annihilation Perks. Cool is required for entry to Chilly Blood and some Stealth Perks, and Intelligence permits you to use some Quickhacking (in case you don’t use Berserk), in addition to some Cyberware that will increase your Important Hit Probability and Important Harm.

Your Attributes ought to look one thing like this finally:

  • Cool: 20
  • Physique: 20
  • Intelligence: 9

Though you want much more Cool than Physique, you’ll crank up Physique first to realize entry to Annihilation Perks that enhance Shotguns early on, earlier than beginning to pump Cool. When you’ve maxed Cool, take Intelligence to a minimum of 9 for entry to some good Cyberware.

Most Carnage Perks

On this part we’ll check out what Perks it is best to purchase with the intention to get the very best efficiency from this Construct. Physique is our prime precedence, and because it accommodates Annihilation and Athletics Perks, we’ll start there. It’s necessary to notice that in lots of instances increased stage Perks are higher than decrease stage ones, so in case you haven’t maxed a decrease stage Perk out if you unlock a better stage Perk, you would possibly wish to come again to it in a while.

Annihilation Perks

In Your Face – This Perk reduces the reload time of your Shotgun, and that is prone to be the toughest a part of this Construct to cope with so you’ll completely need this one, and also you’ll need it as early as you may get. Don’t spend any longer than you must reloading!

Hail of Bullets – This Perk will increase your injury with Shotguns by a small quantity, so that you gained’t possible max this one in the beginning, however you’ll finally to get essentially the most injury you may.

Useless Heart – This Perk will increase your injury when hitting the torso of the enemy, which you’ll do usually. When flying round at full velocity you gained’t have time to goal completely for the pinnacle, and can as a substitute goal for heart mass, so this Perk is nice.

Bulldozer – This Perk offers you a modest enhance to Crit Probability when utilizing a Shotgun, which you’ll completely need. Extra Crits equals extra injury, so take this one as quickly as you may.

Momentum Shift – This Perk will increase your Motion Velocity everytime you kill an enemy. You wish to transfer quick with the intention to shut the gap to your goal as shortly as you may, so take this Perk.

Mongoose – This Perk will increase your Evasion considerably whereas Reloading. Since that is the place you might be at your weakest, this will help preserve you alive till you end so take it.

Bloodrush – This Perk additional will increase your Motion Velocity when utilizing a Shotgun, and also you wish to transfer as quick as you may. You don’t have to take this one early on, however take it later if you don’t have many good choices left to your Perk Factors.

Bloodbath – This Perk will enhance your Crit Harm by a big quantity at max rank, and you’ll do plenty of Crits since every pellet can Crit individually. Max this one out when you may to get essentially the most profit from it.

Heavy Lead – This Perk will increase the Knockback of your Shotgun blasts, which lets you crowd management enemies that you just can’t kill as a result of they’re distant. Use this to knockdown enemies which have a transparent shot at you till you may shut the gap.

Skeet Shooter – This Perk will increase your injury vs. shifting targets by a modest quantity, so it is best to take this one. Most enemies will probably be shifting if you shoot them, even when some will keep in cowl.

Velocity Demon – This Perk will enhance your injury the quicker you might be shifting, which must be lightning quick with this Construct. Extra injury is at all times good, and that is Perk has nice synergy with this Construct.

Athletics Perks

Invincible – This Perk will increase your Well being making you more durable to kill, and you can be taking some gunfire so that you must keep alive by way of it. Max this one out finally.

Divided Consideration – This Perk permits you to reload whereas sprinting, sliding and vaulting. That is very important to this Construct since you don’t wish to cease Sprinting in case you will help it. Reload whilst you shut the gap to your goal at full velocity.

Multitasker – This Perk permits you to shoot whereas sprinting, sliding and vaulting. You’ll be doing all these items so much, and also you don’t wish to must cease firing in case you will help it, making it a stable Perk for this Construct.

Chilly Blood and Stealth Perks

Chilly Blood – This Perk offers you a buff that lasts 10 seconds if you kill an enemy. It begins out as solely a motion velocity enhance, however as you progress you’ll unlock different advantages as properly. Take this one instantly with the intention to start gaining expertise on this Perk tree since at stage 2 you acquire a everlasting Crit Probability increase.


Will to Survive – This Perk will increase your Resistances with every kill. It’s not the best of the Perks right here, however it can enhance your survive potential, which is required on more durable difficulties.

Important Situation – This Perk will increase the period of your Chilly Blood buff. You need this to be so long as you may, so it is a will need to have Perk for this Construct. Max it out as quickly as you may.

Coldest Blood – This Perk will increase the max variety of stacks you may have by 1, as much as four from the three in case you maxed out Chilly Blood itself. Each stack you may acquire simply makes you stronger, so take this one.

Murderer – This Stealth Perk will increase your injury towards Human enemies, and there are a ton of people in Cyberpunk 2077. You need each Perk you may with regards to injury, so this one is a simple decide.

Defensive Clotting – One other Perk that can assist preserve you alive, however this one will increase your Armor with every stack of Chilly Blood. You’ll be able to by no means have sufficient protection, so that is good to have.

Frozen Precision – This Perk simply will increase your Headshot injury, plain and easy. Lots of your pictures will probably be headshots (even with Good Concentrating on), so this can enhance your injury when that occurs.


Chilly and Calculating – This Perk offers you an opportunity of gaining a Chilly Blood stack if you Critically Hit. You do lot’s of Important Hits with this Construct in order that synergizes properly.

From The Shadows – This Stealth Perk is wonderful as a result of it ups your Crit Probability by 50% for the primary a number of seconds of fight. This lets you completely blow away the primary few enemies close to you earlier than they even knew what hit them!

Coolagulant – This Perk makes you lose just one stack of Chilly Blood at a time, additional growing the period you preserve its buffs. This one could make your buffs final a lot for much longer, so take it.

Unbreakable – This Perk does the identical factor that Coldest Blood does, and can enhance your max stacks from four to five in case you maxed Chilly Blood and took Coldest Blood. The extra stacks you may have directly the stronger you get.

Cheat Demise – This Perk reduces incoming injury by half in case your Well being falls under 50% for a number of seconds, and has a 1 minute cooldown. That is wonderful, as a result of this can occur usually and it’ll preserve you alive when it does.

Cruel – This Perk will increase not solely your Crit Probability, but in addition your Crit Harm so long as you may have Chilly Blood activated. This could be a staggering quantity of injury, so that you’ll undoubtedly need this one.

Most Carnage Tools

On this part we’ll check out what gear is required to play the Most Carnage Construct. We’ll start with Weapons first since they’re crucial to this Construct.


As I discussed earlier we’ll be utilizing the Carnage Shotgun for this Construct as a result of it fires double the pellets of all almost each different Shotgun, permitting you to kill most enemies in a single shot. The most important hassle I had when placing this Construct collectively was discovering a Shotgun that would truly kill enemies on the toughest problem in a single shot, however fortunately that Carnage Shotgun does simply that. In some instances it’s properly overkill, however I discover it finishes enemies off at quick to midrange, the place some pellets are positive to overlook, higher than different Shotguns.

This Shotgun doesn’t have a scope, which I believe is definitely nice since you actually don’t need one, and as a substitute simply makes use of the gun’s sights. Moreover, at Legendary high quality it has four Mod slots, and I wish to put Countermass in a minimum of one in all these slots to assist with recoil when aiming, however you don’t must. Nonetheless, be sure to add Crunch Mods with the intention to enhance your injury of the weapon. These will be bought from Wilson on the 2nd Modification close to your house in the beginning of the sport. Be aware that Weapon Mods have random high quality, so that you’ll must craft a number of to get Uncommon ones.


Armor-wise, you wish to search for bonuses to Crit Probability or Crit Harm ideally. Nonetheless, you will want a shit-ton of Armor for this Construct, so in case you don’t have both of these Mods in your Armor, then be sure to craft Armadillo so as to add extra Armor. You will discover this Mod at one of many Assaults in Progress taking place within the southeastern tip of the Northside District. The Armor worth it gives is predicated on the extent you might be, so ensure to craft new ones as you stage up, and like Weapon Mods, the standard is random. So craft a number of.


There’s some nice Cyberware for this Construct, and I’ll undergo them right here. Most likely the obvious selection for this Construct is the Berserk Cyberware, which lets you enhance your Armor, Resistances, Well being and Stamina for a short while. This can assist preserve you alive by way of the worst of the gunfire, and it is best to begin off every fight with it if potential. Nonetheless, you can not hack in case you use this, and also you don’t have to make use of it. Should you like hacking then I like to recommend not taking it, since there are some nice Quickhacks like

I additionally like to make use of Kerenzikov and Synaptic Accelerator which let you sluggish time often throughout and in the beginning of fight. They’re a ton of enjoyable to make use of, and add a little bit of flare to the taking pictures of this Construct.

The Menace Detector Mod actually helps with this Construct as a result of it permits you see targets which might be hostile to you, permitting you to plan your subsequent transfer whereas your reload.

One other Cyberware you’ll completely need for this Construct is Subdermal Armor, because you’ll be taking a ton of gunfire, and this helps preserve you alive. It doesn’t have any necessities, so anybody can slot it.

Moreover, when you acquire some Intelligence you’ll be capable to use some nice Cyberware: Limbic System Enhancement and Visible Cortex Help which enhance Important Hit Probability, and Important Hit Harm. They’re a number of the greatest Cyberware within the sport.

Ultimate Ideas

Study to shoot at enemies which might be farther away than it is best to be capable to hit them when you don’t have any place to cowl. This can knock them down, stopping you from taking additional fireplace whilst you shut the gap to them. You’ll be able to shoot a lot additional than you suppose with this Construct, and only a couple pellets have to hit to knock them down.

Swap targets instantly after firing if you’re shut up, even in case you don’t kill the goal. Loads of instances they may have like 10 or 20 p.c of their well being left, however they’ll be knocked down and have Poison or Burn if in case you have Chemical or Thermal injury in your Carnage. This implies they’ll bleed out earlier than they rise up, so there may be not a lot fear.

Turrets could be a ache within the ass with this Construct, however you may ignore them till the top of most fights since they gained’t kill you simply. It normally takes 2 or three shotgun blasts to kill them, and it’s not value it in case you’re taking gunfire from different enemies whereas doing so. Filter out the opposite enemies, after which come again and end them off.

Reloading could be a ache within the butt with this Construct, and however bear in mind with the fitting Perks you may Reload whereas Sprinting at your goal, so there isn’t a have to decelerate. Preserve shifting quick, and get to your goal whereas your reload, saving time and protecting your Chilly Blood buff up. This will probably be simpler to do later within the sport, however that you must keep on the transfer early on to maintain it going.

Lastly, study to hipfire with the weapon, particularly throughout reloads. You don’t at all times have to goal to get a great shot off, so learn to fireplace out of a reload to kill somebody that’s unloading into you. Generally it’s value interrupting the reload to get a kill.

Keep tuned for extra of Cyberpunk 2077 Construct Guides, and you’ll want to drop by the Cyberpunk 2077 wiki for all of your Evening Metropolis wants. Or you may drop by our Twitch Channel and say hello as we stream the sport over the following couple of weeks! And ensure to take a look at our Early Impressions and Character Creation!

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