Hello everyone, today I am going to be making a short guide, revealing the reason why you might sometimes see ”Critical 1” on your screen when fighting certain opponents. It is surely a combat text which initially seemed surprising and weird to anyone that encountered it – so, Critical 1- what does it mean? Even though there has been some time since I first discovered it and showcased it to certain individuals for further feedback, I never failed to observe from the first moments, that a certain character build could be made because of it. The aim of this thread is to show the exact reason why this happens (as many believe it is a bug – which is not), and how exactly we can use this information to attempt and create a unique build for our characters. The true Critical damage formula Seeing Critical 1, one can easily assume that there is something going on with the formula determining criticals in a fight. The reason why this occurs is because of one single digit missing from the critical damage formula that it was thought to be there.

As per my previous guide made some months ago regarding hidden stats here, I wrote that part of the damage formula for critical hits was:

( (1+Extra Damage %) * (1+ Critical Damage % + 0.5) ) * Base Damage However, after seeing the Critical 1 phenomenon, it was revealed to me that the correct part of the critical damage formula is

( (1+Extra Damage %) * (Critical Damage % + 150%) ) * Base Damage and if we expand and explain the formula a little bit, it becomes:

1 + ((1+(myED%-enemyDR%)) * ((myCD%+150%)-enemyCDR%)) * Base Damage … plus tons of other calculations for damage increase or reduction. It does not take insane math skills to understand, that since the +1 is missing from the CD minus CDR bracket, it clearly means that: if (myCD% + 150%) – enemyCDR% equation is 0 or negative (if negative, it becomes 0), that ‘0’ is multiplied with the (1+(myED%-enemyDR%)) which will immediately make it 0 as well, no matter how much ED%

I have or how much DR% my opponent has. Since both equations in the 2 brackets become zero, the only part left to be calculated as positive for damage is the initial +1 which exists before the brackets, as shown below: Thoughts on a potential build The above explanation clearly gives a lot of value to the CDR% statistic. It was already valuable before, only now we know that it has the ability to not only reduce part of the damage, but reduce it to a point where the damage is 1 everytime the opponent crits.

However, we can only make use of that statistic only when the enemy deals criticals on us. This is the only way that CDR% is made useful anyway, it is called Critical Damage Reduction for a reason. Normal enemy hits are NOT affected by the CDR% stat, only by the DR% stat (Damage Reduction %). This leads us to the conclusion that if our CDR% statistic is more than the enemy CD%+150% (150% flat addition comes from the default critical formula), we WANT our enemy to deal crits on us, because those crits will be 1, if all other things equal*.

And how do we make our enemy deal criticals on us? Simple, by not focusing on our Resilience and let the enemy take full advantage of his Critical statistic, as the Critical minus Resilience determines how many times someone will crit or not. If you want to check how the special stats work, check this guide. *I mentioned ”if all other things equal”, because as always, even if your CDR% statistic passes your enemy’s CD%+150% statistic, the enemy might receive certain buffs mid-fight from talents/features that will increase his CD% for a short duration, and then his criticals will occasionally be more than 1. However, if your CDR% statistic surpasses the enemy’s CD%+150% statistic by a lot, then any criticals that will deal to you will most likely be 1. You may follow certain steps to increase the efficiency of such build. I will mention 2 examples below, so you grasp the general idea of what you need to do. Apart from talents, make sure to also check the Critical or CDR decreases from the Equipment Awaken feature and other things: – investing on this talent, because you want your enemy to have decreased critical damage, so that your CDR% stat surely surpasses it even for a short duration:

-NOT investing on this talent, because if your CDR% surpasses enemy CD+150%, you do not want to decrease your opponent’s Critical stat so that he crits you more often:

Issues of the above idea Obviously, if you had the option to have 0 Resilience stat, the enemy would most likely always deal Criticals to you, and those Criticals would be 1 if your CDR% stat would pass his CD+150% stat during the fight. This would allow for a truly great build, as a player would surely be able to beat even the most powerful of enemies, if he had the option to adjust his Resilience stat at full scale. But this is not possible. The Resilience additions in the game are pretty much interconnected with the Critical statistic, and if you aim to activate metamorphs/pets/awakening of many things, you are bound to be unlocking features that will add Critical and Resilience to your character. Even features like the Mount or Skywing level-up, which give Special stats for every 2-4 levels, cannot be controlled, and you will be inevitably adding Resilience to your character. The only way you may control it somehow, is through the Mount Armament function, the Sky Emblem function and perhaps delaying unlocking or advancing certain features (like Pet Awakening) that give Critical and Resilience to your character. This is easier to be done on low and mid-tier BR levels, rather than on high BR levels and end-game characters.

Another important issue of this idea is that it is a double-edged sword. It is great when you achieve the above results and watch your enemy try to kill you while he deals Critical 1 most of the time. You will most likely win the fight, if the BR difference is not huge. However, if you have invested all of your resources in increasing your CDR% statistic and keeping your Resilience low, if you encounter an enemy who will have his CD% statistic higher than your CDR% even after all your effort, you will be totally smashed in a fight, because his Criticals will naturally be more devastating than if you were following a normal build. NOTE on all of the above: The CDR% build does not only benefit you when the CD-CDR equation is only 0 or negative. The equation still benefits you if its result is 99% or less, because this means that even if the opponent crits, he will deal 99% or less damage than what his normal hit would make, which is still a nice result, especially for enemies who have heavily invested on the Critical special statistic and base their power on their increased chance to critical. * edited the required amount to make the equation 0 which is CD plus 150%, not CD plus 50%. Conclusion I hope the above thoughts gave you enough insight on the Critical 1 matter, and provided you with enough food for thought in terms of how the damage calculations occur. If there is anything else worth mentioning, I will make sure to update this thread.

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