Collaborate with us

Collaborate with us

“Secret Guides” is a website for advanced game strategies. It has a variety of tips and tricks, guides and strategies created by our game experts and strategists. Our team studies different games and make strategies accordingly. We have the opportunity to provide game strategies for a variety of games such as mobile games, desktop games, and board games and to provide real-time support to users. Our guides are translated into ten different languages by high-quality translators. “Secret Guides” covers communities of Russian, Spanish, Polish, English, French, Greek, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Arabic and Italian talking people what is in progress because soon will be added other languages too. From our collaboration, we ask websites of the games we work to display the website of “Secret Guides” on their official websites as sources for those players who do not speak English. Therefore, through our website, gamers will find the tips, tricks and game strategies in all languages. “Secret Guides” is growing very fast in-game community as per the statistical reports we had more than 10000 sessions, 30000-page views in the first two weeks of our website opening. At the moment the audience and visualizations at our website are more than 200000 on monthly basis. And this number is expected to grow more in the coming days. Our team covers Facebook, Line chat, Twitter and in “Secret Guides” groups and huge communities of users. “Secret Guides” is looking for a long-term collaboration with other gaming websites for affiliation or more than that. We are open for collaboration/ affiliation with privates, organizations, game developers, websites and companies:
  • • Translations (games translations, guide translation, document and any other type translations in native languages)
  • • Real-time user support for troubleshooting in-game in their native language if necessary.
  • Game testing 
  • • Advanced guide creation in any needed language.
  • • Transcriptions
  • • Chat customer service
  • • Virtual assistance
And much more. You are more than welcome you contact us with your proposal so we can take it in o consideration. If you are interested to work with us please email us with details and your offer and then we can discuss an agreement. In a complex and rapidly changing world, collaboration and openness are vital. We believe in sharing ideas and thinking with our partners for mutual benefit and better outcomes, in consequence, we will be happy to help any way we can, so please feel free to contact us, we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Or contact us directly: Master Julis Alexia Van Riessfield Heartless      
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You may not submit any confidential or proprietary ideas, information, technologies, proposals or any other intellectual property (“Confidential Data”) to “Secret Guides”. “Secret Guides” will not accept any Confidential Data and if you submit Confidential Data “Secret Guides” will not evaluate it. The exchange of Confidential Data requires a formal, written nondisclosure agreement with Us. With regards to personal data entered into this form subsequently, please read ToS, Privacy Policy, and Terms and conditions, and provide personal data necessary for “Secret Guides” to contact you and evaluate your proposal.