Bubble Sea Shooter

Shoot and match the underwater gems and stars of the same color!


Once upon a time, there was a unicorn-mermaid. Even though she was surrounded by others, she wasn’t feeling like others at all. She was feeling always awkward and weight on her shoulders for her difference in the confront of the others was very heavy for her. Although she was one of the kind… she was feeling empty. The feeling of missing a piece inside of her was constant. And everyday the hole inside her heart was getting bigger and bigger…

One of the days to escape from others unicorn- mermaid was swimming near the shore when she saw a wolf walking proud, serious… but so lonely.

His gaze was downcast towards the rough surface of the rock. And unicorn was staring at him because she was so charmed but scared too at the same time to the point of not approaching him. She knew very well that wolf had very strong power to hurt her.

However she was so curiuos about wolf thereafter she kept coming back there every day she was so happy just to see him. But every time he raised his eyes on her, the unicorn was running away immediately from his intense gaze.


The wolf on the other part was coming back too because he never seen beofre nothing as unicorn- mermaid was and it was very funny with her head dipping underwater so quickly when he looks at her.

Even though she was scared, she was getting closer to him every time, treading towards the rocks lightly. And wolf was staring at her all the while, his charming gaze was making the mermaid giddy. But everytime wolf tried to get closer she was just dipping instantly underwater. Wolf just couldn’t understand why she was running away from him…

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Till one-day swimming close to shore to see her wolf unicorn- mermaid got in trouble. She got attacked by someone really bad and then trapped! She thought she will never find the way out…

Wolf who was used to see her every day and seeing she didn’t showed up, upstarted running by the shore and when he saw her trapped in the water he didn’t hesitate and jumped in the water to destroy all nets to save her


After this encounter, the wolf understood how dear unicrn was and they passed together every day since then. The wolf sat of his rock while the unicorn swam somewhere always around him, sparkling beautifully in the water.. and feeling safe with the wolf protecting her. Each day, they talked more and more until the unicorn wasn’t sad so much anymore. She could do nothing else but love him every day more even though she knew how different they were. Despite all, she had found the missing piece and filled the hole inside her heart. And the wolf wasn’t that lonely anymore, even if he didn’t originally want that company!


Little by little, they became like puzzle pieces, fitting together perfectly. Despite their differences, they had something much greater in common – their love for each other. Love doesn’t have to be perfect, it has to be true; Love is putting someone else’s needs before your own and love other for who they are… even if the rest of the world doesn’t understand that how unicorn- mermaid and wolf could ever be friends.

In the end, their differences just made their bond stronger!

That kind of friendship is a very rear treasure… Don’t you think so? But their story isn’t completed yet!!

Will you help Wolf to save his unicorn-mermaid once again?

Bubble Sea Shooter

Can you shoot and match the underwater gems and stars? Complete the quest and challenges, and pass to the next level? Let’s download Bubble Sea Shooter – Ocean Shooting Game for free, and get ready to take the aim for the perfect shot.

Bubble Sea Shooter – Ocean Shooting Game is one of the best bubble shooter bomb games, filled with colorful gems and stars, beautiful crunching effects, amazing animated scenes and objects, and lots of surprises. Be a professional bubble shooter player, shoot and match the underwater gems and stars of the same colors, use the epic power-ups that you can get by winning levels and points, increase your score, and complete as many levels as you can in this new bubble ocean rescue 2020.

Bubble Sea Shooter – Ocean Shooting Game is different from other bubble shooter classic games because it combines well-designed +100 puzzle levels with increasing difficulty to make the game hard to beat, lot of quest and missions, and various bombs and shooters to help you complete the levels easily for an amazing experience without getting bored. Discover the sea bubble shoot game now, and challenge your friends and family. We guaranteed hours of fun.

To be successful in this bubble ocean pop game, you need to use your aiming and shooting skills, plan your moves, make combinations, aim and shoot the underwater gems and stars perfectly, and get a higher score.

Why you have to download and install Bubble Sea Shooter on your android Smartphone or tablet?
• It provides high-quality graphics, native control, and dynamic gameplay.
• It features lots of addictive levels with different objectives and challenges.
• It is free and it will stay free for life, so there are no hidden fees, no special memberships, and no annual subscription fees.

– Aim, shoot and match 3 gems or stars of the same color.
– Complete the quests and challenges.
– Increase your score.
– Use the power-ups
– Complete the challenging levels.

• Features:
★ A lot of unique, amazing and addictive levels!
★ Smooth and easy game control.
★ Different quests and challenges.
★ Stunning graphics and cool animation effects!
★ Endless fun for all ages

Download Bubble Sea Shooter – Ocean Shooting Game now, and refresh your mind by playing this amazing arcade puzzle game.
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