Hello everyone, this will be a Aegis of the Sages Guide in Legacy of Discord one of the features in Legacy of Discord called Aegis of the Sages. It is mostly a BR-focused feature, but I am personally fond of it because it is open to customization depending on the choices of the user in one of its functions.

To unlock the feature, it is required that your character has made some progress into the game and has reached higher levels.
You can find it on your interface in the button as the screenshot below dictates:

Aegis of the Sages

Generally, the Aegis is a defense mechanism (similar to HP) which will be depleted first, before any HP is deducted in a fight.
It will show up as an extension of your character’s HP bar in white color.
The Aegis bar will replenish itself after some time if you have not taken any damage.

When you first enter the Aegis menu, you will be presented with the below interface:

In the left pane, there is the list of Shields that the game has made available as of this point in time.
As of today, only the Aegis of the Frost and Storm are available, the others will be implemented in the future.

On the right pane, you can see several functions of the feature itself:
1. Rank Up
2. Affinity
3. Aegis Soul
4. Equip function (this allows you to choose which Shield should be visible around your character!)

1. The Rank Up function

When a player tries to rank up a shield, you are presented in the following interface:

The statistics offered might differ depending on the shield chosen to increase, however all Rank Ups offer Skill Damage increase and reduction.
You can see that below the stats, depending on the level reached, you may increase your Aegis Armor or increase the number of shields shown around your character.

The Rank Up function requirements for each level are as follows:
Aegis activation requires 100 fragments at rank 1, and then each rank is as follows:

Rank 2: 35 fragments
Rank 3: 40 fragments
Rank 4: 45 fragments
Rank 5: 55 fragments
Rank 6: 65 fragments
Rank 7: 80 fragments
Rank 8: 95 fragments
Rank 9: 115 fragments
Rank 10: 140 fragments

2. Affinity

The Affinities of the shields are very nice additions by the feature and its interface looks like this:

Only 1 affinity is unlocked in the game currently, which gives you stats based on the Rank Up levels of your Frost and Storm Aegises.
The general idea is that each affinity will combine 2 shields and will take both their Rank Up levels into account and will give you the respective statistic additions.
Those also include rare statistics which are of high importance.

3. Aegis Soul

Now this is a function of the feature that adds some customization to Legacy of Discord, and looks as below:

Each player can scroll to 7 different Aegis talents, which include: Origin, Chaser, Sunder, Decay, Aegis Armor, Riposte and Sprite.
Each level of the talent requires Spirit to be increased. To activate the first level (of any talent) it requires 20 Spirit points, and then it needs 5 more than the previous for every next level.

To reach one Spirit talent to level 10, a player requires 425 Spirit points.
Since there are 7 talents, the total amount of Spirit required to reach them all to the maximum should be 2975.

However, since we only have 2 shields to increase to the maximum, the game itself limits us to only 1060 Spirit points as of now, so the challenge is to spend those as efficiently as possible depending on our character’s needs.

Tips and recommendations

The most important tip to give is that you should first increase the level of ALL the talents to at least level 1, before proceeding to level up any further.
This will allow you to unlock all the talents of the feature, and the Level 1 bonuses are by far the most efficient in terms of power gained versus Spirit spent.
Not to mention that you will receive a good BR boost from the stats received from each talent, as shown below:

After reading the Aegis Soul Spirit talents, you will realise that some of them offer situational bonuses depending on if yours or your opponent’s Shield is still active in the fight or not.
There are also some talents which offer their bonuses in more frequent pace than others, like Origin, Riposte and Aegis Armor.

Origin offers you the option to reduce the time that your Shield replenishes. This can be good to wide-area PvP events such as Guild Clash or World Royale, but completely useless to events like the Cross-Server or Fellowship Wars. Note that its level 2 bonus offers a 2 second cooldown reduction, as opposed to the rest of its levels which add just 1.
Riposte is a talent which increases your Critical Damage when your shield is broken, and that will be very often. It will offer you a very good boost on that rare statistic every time you start to fall in battle.
Aegis Armor is the most static bonus you can get from the Aegis Soul Spirit talents. It offers you a flat percentage increase on your Aegis Armor for each level invested. However, note that its addition is not exactly a percentage of the total number of the Aegis Armor you see on your screen, but rather applies to a smaller pool of stats offered solely by the Aegis feature alone.

Regarding the rest of the talents, you should choose depending on how you expect the fights to be happening at your own Battlegroup or server.
If you believe that you need to beat a stronger opponent or you want a potentially good boost when the fight starts , then Decay or Sunder might work wonders.
If you are confident that your character is strong enough but you want to have faster killing power to similar or weaker enemies, then Chaser or Sprite are good options.

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