Hello everyone, this will be a short City Defense Advanced Strategy guide, showcasing several strategies that you can use to achieve a better score in City Defense.



City Defense is a PvE mode that is available from character level 33, and even through it is an old feature rewarding players with Reforge Stones, it is still a challenge for some players because they want to achieve the highest result possible in their server’s scoreboard.

It is a ‘Tower Defense’-like map, where creatures and bosses spawn at certain pathways and you have to kill those fast before they enter the middle portal, where you lose points if they do. Killing those creatures or bosses faster allows you to spawn the next wave faster and reaching higher levels before the time ends, thus achieving more points!
This is the point of this guide, to show you a strategy that the 3 players participating can clear the waves of all 4 directions as soon and as efficient as possible.

You may enter the City Defense dungeon by tapping on the Adventure button on your interface and then on the City Defense button, provided you have reached level 33.
City Defense point system will allow you to get more points based on the number of players participating, their VIP level, the Guild level and the way you all clear the levels.


Manual mode is of course required for the strategy below.
The City Defense map looks like this:

I have placed numbers on the 4 spawn points (roads), and the three players participating will be A, B and C.
Those will be the players’ starting positions. Player A will cover road 1, Player B will cover road 2 and player C will cover road 3.

Players A and C will have to occasionally clear road number 4, so make sure those players are Berserkers or Bladedancers, for faster transition through their dash skill.
(Bladedancers are preferred as players A, and Berserkers or Bladedancers as players C)
Player B will never move from road 2, so if you have any Sorceress in the group, place her there.

All players are required to stay exactly near the spawn point of those roads, and kill the creatures spawned as fast and efficiently as possible, calibrating their attacks so that they reach creatures behind the first one and create area of effect attacks.
You are only required to hit with normal attacks, as this is the fastest process to kill creatures and bosses and make the transition to later stages faster.
You may sometimes use your ultimate ability when a Boss spawns.

I have compiled an Excel file below, which will show you exactly what is happening in each wave of City Defense, and what each player needs to do:

The above basically explains what happens in each wave from 1 to 16.
Then after wave 16, the wave pattern reapeats itself from wave 7 to 16, endlessly.
Blue stars depict that this wave, on that road, will spawn creatures.
Red stars depict that this wave, on that road, will spawn a Boss and some creatures.

The first 3 waves are with players A, B and C being in their starting positions, clearing creature waves.
As soon as wave 3 is cleared, Player A needs to be heading towards road 4 so it clears the Boss that is about to spawn there.
After Player A clears the Boss, he needs to head back to his road, Road 1.

This is done because after the 4th wave, Player C needs to be in his road (road 3) and be ready to kill the creature wave that is spawning there.
This is why players A and C take turns in regards to who is going to clear Road 4, based on what wave spawns next and where.

You may use the same thought process above to understand the rest of the waves.
I hope you try this City Defense Advanced Strategy and tell me the results. May it fare you well! If you have any questions or need help, we will be happy to help you. You are welcome in our group, CLICK HERE. Or contact the site administrators. I would like to let you know that you can also find us on Facebook!