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About Us

Secret Guides is a website intended for gamers who would like to become better at games they play.
Our website offers guides, strategies, tips & tricks for all of our archived desktop, mobile and even board games.

Our team of game experts are committed to the cause: constantly trying to provide our audience with the best, original advice for games.
Translation of those guides to different languages is also what makes us stand out, as we strive to provide accurate translations of all our game strategies.


We provide detailed guides and strategies for desktop, mobile and board games, all translated to different languages.

We invite you to join us in our endeavor and explore our content.
Join the forums, discuss anything about your favorite games and share our published material.

You are welcome to join our group and be a part of secretguides.net by clicking HERE. Or contact us and our administrators will respond as soon a possible, or read more about us by visiting our blog page.


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